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Feb 16, 2010 11:20 AM

Anyone tried Mee Heng Low in SLO?

It's in a great funky old place (the original Mee Heng Low dates back to the 50's) but what is the food like? Anyone know about the background of the propietors? Please dish!

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  1. The place is run by Paul Kwong and his wife. He was the Executive chef at Embassy Suites for years. They are still remodeling, but the lower floor is ready. Try the twice-fried Pork noodle dish. The shrimp cakes are terrific and they seem to have many returning customers.
    It's a basic Noodle house and watch the daily specials, most are excellent. Inexpensive.

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    1. re: Bruce in SLO

      Has the ownership changed recently? The only reviews I found were on Yelp and they were almost to a one :"bland". Certainly not what you'd think of with Paul Kwong cooking.

      The seating is tough for me; being short, sitting in those trendy bar-table height chairs is torture. I'll have to try on off time to score one of the two booths.

      1. re: toodie jane

        I'm pretty sure it has new owners - I went there years ago and was unimpressed, but now I hear glowing reviews from friends (and now Bruce). May have to give it a try

      2. I braved the 'stools for giants' and had the appetizer Moo Shu Salmon rolls. Two, on house-made, somewhat thick mooshu wrappers, with a glaze of ginger soy and moo shu sauce with a touch of what tasted like wasabi. Radish sprouts peeked out the ends. The flavors were fresh and the salmon melted in the mouth. Delicious! Two 6" rolls per $6 serving and nicely filling for an evening snack. I got an almond cookie for a treat and it was fine-crispy, cumbly texture and very fresh. Nice subtle almond flavor. The young man at the counter was gracious and solicitous. I very much liked the Jasmine Green Tea, but it was a bit pricey at $3 per cup.

        Also on the day's special menu was Char Siu pork buns. A trio of middle-aged Chinese ladies came in specifally to try them.They laughed and said, "is it real char siu? You can't fool us--we're experts!" I didn't stay long enough to see if they liked them, but my moo shu salmon roll was enough to tempt me back to try the buns.