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Feb 16, 2010 10:54 AM

Pastries, Sweets, Desserts and Chocolate Shops

I'm going to Rome in May and I wanted recommendations for Pastries and Chocolate Shops.

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  1. Forgot to to put on Rome!

    1. My favorite pastries come from Regoli near Santa Maria Maggiore ( It's a far above average neighborhood place, but not a ritzy French-inspired p√Ętisserie. I love their mimosa, and if they have anything with wild strawberries on it, don't hesitate, get two. Believe me, whatever it is, one won't be enough. While you're there, don't miss Panella, the poshest bakery in town (at via Merulana 54). It has a little gourmet grocery on the same premises. In a town that really lacks for good bread that isn't focaccia or pizza, Panella is a godsend.

      1. Regoli is amazing. Panella is insanely expensive and I find their pastries to be very hit or miss. They try to do everything from ancient roman pastries to tel kadayif so they get points for variety but lose out to Regoli in taste and consistency. Another favorite is Innocenti on Via della Luce in Trastevere.

        Other great pastry shops specializing in other regional pastries are Pasticceria Nobel (Sicilian pastries on the ViaTuscolana). Neapolitan pastries are best at La Caffetiera in Piazza in Pietra.

        Mondo di Laura ( does really nice cookies. Near her shop on Via Ettore Rolli is Er Maritozzaro, a Trastevere legend for whipped cream filled pastries.

        For chocolate the is Said ( in San Lorenzo, Bottega del Cioccolato ( in Monti and Moriondo e Gariglio near the Pantheon.

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          Definitely Regoli for cakes and Panella for breads. (And no, they're not cheap, but the bread is very good.)

          I've never been to Said, which is also quite close. Maybe I need to go for stroll in San Lorenzo tomorrow! Thanks, Katie!

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            I second Regoli and Innocenza. And add Mizzica for Sicilian pastries. Theirs is the only cannoli that comes near the real thing.

          2. By the way, if you can read even the most basic menu Italian, get yourself a copy of Roma per il goloso. The publisher is La Pecora Nera Editore. Excellent listings of the best food shops by neighborhood, and by type.

            1. Sal De Riso, an excellent pastry guy from the Amalfi Coast, has a location in Rome, Via Gallia, 12. It's near St. John Lateran & the baths of Caracalla. De Riso's website: