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Feb 16, 2010 10:20 AM


Mr. H decided to surprise me with a dinner on a holiday. This being Valentines Day, and the place being Rinata. Rinata has been tops on my list to visit for months now, so I was glad to check it out.

Our reservations were for 4:30, and we were running a bit late, so we called and asked if we could bump them to 5 PM. We knew we were risking losing our reservation, since this is a busy time. They said they could get us in, but couldn't sit us at the table they wanted to. Fine with us. So off we went to the ghost of Giorgio's past in good old Uptown Minneapolis.

We arrived around 5 PM to an almost completely empty restaurant. Rinata is a nice space, if a bit tight. The bar area is in the middle as you walk in, and is nice and modern with tall tables. There are two opposing rooms with somewhat standard table seating. We checked in, and hostess guided us to a table/ bench combo (a personal dislike of mine) about 3 feet away from one of the 3 couples in the entire place. We immediately asked for different seating. I understand that they have a structure to seating and reservations, but there were at least 2 dozen other places to sit, so I'm not sure why she sat us there. Anyhow, we were seated elsewhere and it was fine. Our waitress was stellar. She made the food sound irresistable, and was very charming and professional - not at all stuffy, arrogant, or too "soft." She gave us 2 wine samples and explained the specials and half price wine deal until 6. Mr. H opted for a vodka and lemoncello martini, and (surprising myself) I ordered a bottle of the 2007 Ali Sangiovese, which clocked in at $15. The drinks came, and were lovely. His martini a hint of sweet and sour, not curling or coating your tongue with either. The wine was rustic; slightly dry, and berry spiced. It was perfect with our meal, which made me extremely happy since I have trouble finding a satisfactory wine lately.

We opted for the appetizer special (the bruschetta with salmon,goat cheese and fresh dill) to start off. Shortly after ordering, we received bread paired with olive tapenade on top of a nice pool of olive oil. The bread was nice and soft, but also substantial and honest in foccacia roots. The crust was a tad salty; a minor offense that the tapenade and olive oil made up for. After about 10 minutes, our appetizer came:

The portion size was perfect. the presentation simple. I took a bite and immediately thought two things: gosh this bread is perfectly crispy and then...KABOOM. Garlic punch to the FACE. Hey I love heavy garlic, but my tongue burned if I put it directly on the bread. It wasn't terrible, but I couldn't continue (rare rare rare for me.) Mr. H happily gobbled them up. The other components were fine, but the garlic put my tail between my legs.

We finally decided on our entree's, Mr. H ordered the Ziti (Ziti with tomato white wine braised pork shoulder and swiss chard - $14.75) and I the Bucatini (Bucatinni alla Amatriciana with pancetta chili flake and tomato $13.50), with no hesitation. I have never had bucatini and was eager to experience it.


The plates were brought out by who I assume to be the owner. Nice steaming hot plates of appropriately portioned pasta. I was pretty excited just looking at the stuff. It looked wonderful. I let it cool a few minutes, and dug in. First lesson: you really CAN'T slurp bucatini! These udon-resembling noodles were very al dente and toothsome. I wouldn't say they were tough, but they were chewy. I think I prefer my pasta a touch more soft, but maybe my palette isn't refined enough.I do know though, that my palette is refined enough to recognize a saltosphere. I'm not nay-saying this though, because it seems the perfect thing to eat when you WANT something salty. I'm sure the pancetta aided and abetted in this partial aus-salt (!!) as it was abundant. The tomato sauce was tangy, garlicky and spicy, which rounded out the entire palette of bold flavors and sturdy pasta.

I tasted a few bites of Mr. H's ziti, and I experienced the occasional food envy. *sigh*. It was a direct flavor contrast to mine; savory (pork), rich (sauce made from braised pork, garlic, tomatoes) and earthy (swiss chard.)

We decided to splurge and order molten chocolate cake for dessert (literally, $7.75.) I've never had molten chocolate cake before, and maybe I expected too much (ooey chocolatey goodness oozing out of a rich cake??) and got the reality (dark chocolate brownie with a soft kinda gooey middle.) The vanilla gelato was surprisingly good - sweet and creamy with little flecks of vanilla.

Rinata wasn't a complete success, but it intrigued me enough to go back. They have a great looking gnocch,. and a super deal for course meals every Sunday (Sunday date night 4 course meal $20 per person!.) When we left, the place was about halfway full, steadily filling up as we ate.

-Wine specials (half price bottles until 6 PM)
-Bread and tapenade
-Stellar waitstaff
-Wine glasses (i know this sounds weird, but I am all about proper drinkware - these glasses made even a schlub like me feel a bit elegant.)

Not so greats
-Tight seating
-Bucatini wasn't a "not great" thing, it was just VERY flavorful (salty, spicy, tangy, garlic)
-Molten cake

Minneapolis, MN, Minneapolis, MN

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  1. I visited Rinata last night, and I was impressed. Yes, the seating was tight, but I was with a group of six, so it wasn't like I was sitting on a stranger's lap. I took advantage of the 1/2 price bottle offer, and ordered the 2007 Ali Sangiovese (thanks to the above recommendation) and once it had time to breathe, it was excellent. In fact, my girlfriend and I finished a bottle before anyone else in our group arrived. We promptly ordered a second.

    I started with a prochini mushroom soup. It was good, not great. I think I was expecting a cream soup, so I was little disappointed. I'm not sure why I was expecting a cream soup, since it was not described as such on the menu, so my bad. It was earthy and rustic, large pieces of mushroom, almost like a stew. The broth itself could've used a little more flavor, but overall, it was satisfying.

    For my entree, I had the radiatorre with braised pork shoulder. Outstanding. The pork was juicy, sweet and a little smokey. The pasta, just slightly softer than al dente, and very fresh. The tomato based sauce was thin and flavorful, but so robust as to overwhelm. I wanted seconds. My girlfriend had the fettucini with beef short ribs in a light cream sauce. Sorry, I don't have many details on that dish, other than it was delicious.

    The group ordered a trio of desserts, the overwhelming favorite being the molten cake. I passed on dessert, opting for a final glass of wine and a perfect cappuccino.

    And I cannotot forget to mention my server. Excellent. Knowlegable, suggestive, attentive without being intrusive, and - quite frankly - easy on the eyes. Sorry I can't remember her name, but she was awesome.

    Because we live in the Armatage neighborhood, Broders is our go-to when looking for pasta. But I'm going to have to work out a rotation with Rinata. Good stuff.

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    1. re: gooey middle

      Link to Rinata:

      2451 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55405

      1. re: bob s

        Visited Rinata last night and had a wonderful time. My friend and I shared a fennel sausage pizza with roasted tomato and fresh mozzarella; beautifully crisp crust and the toppings were terrifically flavorful.

        For the entree we split the chicken picatta with gnocchi...what a knockout. The chicken was very tender and the gnocchi the perfect consistency. The kitchen brought out the entree split for us which was a nice touch.

        Nice selections of wines by the bottle or glass, and the service was spot on.

        I will certainly return, actually, maybe again tonight!

        2451 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55405