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Feb 16, 2010 10:08 AM

What's your favourite NON-ITALIAN meatball recipe?

I've just made some rather boring meatball mix for my daughter's dinner, I'd like to transform this into something tastier! Either it will be turned into spag bol, or else you wonderful Chowhounds can come and save it!

It's beef, parmesan, parsley, oregano, sauteed onion, breadcrumbs, a little fresh sausage, nutmeg and egg to bind. No salt and pepper (yet, but I need to make some dinner or stock the freezer). and a little tomato ketchup, not heinz, but this amazing stuff by Stokes.

So they'll be fine as they are with a bit more seasoning, but I'm waiting for some top tips from you guys! I love meatballs anyway so hope to get some good new recipes here.

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  1. Since its already seasoned I would ...finish seasoning and smear on sliced bagettes and toast in oven - serve with marinara on side yummy.(appetizer) Or spice it up and mix with rice and stuff peppers

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      oh and i forgot top with some parm before cooking

    2. The sandwiches would be great or make a meatball lasagne. Add lots of cheese and sauce to the layers, and then the meatballs. Or add some fresh basil, grilled eggplant or even fresh spinach to the layers, use pecorino romano, fontina, and mozzerella. Yum.

      Sorry if I misunderstood, but the meatballs sound Italian to me.

      1. thanks. I guess I was bored by the ones I made so I was hoping for some exciting ideas for the next time I buy ground meat.

        No baguettes in the house, that sounds fantastic tho!

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          I've posted this before - add prepared mayo-type coleslaw to the mix. It melds with the meat and you'd think it was caramelized onion. No taste of cabbage at all - just a mellow moistness. It is best to either nuke and cool or freeze and thaw the slaw first. This breaks down the cabbage beforehand. Not so important with meatloaf, which cooks longer, but a wise thing for meatballs. I put dry onion soup mix and Kitchen Bouquet (or Gravy Master) in the mix in addition to bread, eggs, garlic, onions, milk, and slaw. For non-Italian meatballs, I omit sausage and cheese. .

        2. Perhaps you could provide a dipping sauce. Marinara would work. So would a gorgonzola cheese sauce.

          1. that sounds more like a meatloaf..ketsup tells me that.
            serve with a mushroom sauce.