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Feb 16, 2010 10:00 AM

Help me get unstuck from the SFO airport hotel

I am staying at a hotel next to the SFO airport and want to get away for some evening chow. Not being really familiar with the area I seek your help. I'm thinking of taking the hotel shuttle to the airport and then hopping on the BART. I' m not sure I want to spend the time getting into the city, so I am wondering about anything interesting and tasty within a 1/2 mile walk of the South San Francisco, Daly City, or possibly Balboa Park BART stops. I've done a little research and found Andy's Chinese and the Garden Club in South San Fran and Little Yangon in Daly City. Any comments or additional help would be much appreciated.

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  1. If you are looking for Asian, then skip the Bart trip and go into Millbrae. Lots of good places there and you are practically there already. For Bart stops, I recommend the Glen Park stop for Gialina (seasonal, local pizza and entrees) or the 24th St stop for the chow in the Mission (not much farther than Daly City). All of those are covered on CH if you want to search around.

    1. FYI: It's pretty much a 20 minute ride to any BART stop in the city and the thousands of restaurants around them. Boulevard is near the Embarcadero stop and is amazing.

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        It's actually a surprisingly long BART ride into the city, since it takes a slightly circuitous route. But it's definitely worth the extra few minutes to have the panoply of options open up.

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          SFO to 24th & Mission is 23 minutes. Add another 9 minutes to get to the Embarcadero Station. There are lots of well-known restaurants within three blocks from the latter: The Ferry Building restaurants, La Mar, One Market, Boulevard, Ozumo, Chaya, Mexico DF, Yank Sing (not open in the evening, though), the Cosmopolitan, RN74, Town Hall, Perbacco, Tadich Grill, and Aqua, just to name a few. If you are willing to walk for 10 minutes your options expand to include Kokkari, 5A5, the Globe, Epic, the Waterbar, Salt House, and many others.

        2. Yeah, if you're willing to go up to Balboa Park, you might as well just head into the city. SF Centre has a pretty awesome food court (Powell St station). Ferry Bldg (Embarcadero) has some decent restaurants. Slanted Door is another popular restaurant in the Embarcadero area... we like it and take guests there, kind of an overpriced Vietnamese/fusion type place with good food and nice views.

          If you stay local and head down to Millbrae, right near the BART station is Hong Kong Flower Lounge, an authentic Cantonese restaurant. Mind you, it's not as good as Zen Peninsula, also an authentic Chinese place in Millbrae but you'll need to take a taxi there.

          1. 1. Ask if your hotel has a shuttle to BART instead of to the airport. There's a shuttle from some of the terminals to bart, you want to get dropped closest to the station. Or they'll drop you at Millbrea directly. Just less confusing that way.

            2. Spend the extra 10 minutes and go into the city. Walk along the embarcadero, have a drink at Slanted Door. Or get off at civic center and walk to Zuni. Or 24th Street and walk to Bruno's, which has gotten good reviews recently. Even though there's not much fine dining at 16th street, I'd go there personally and follow my nose to whatever seems good. Monk's Kettle, maybe.

            1. There's also Shanghai Dumpling Shop in Millbrae for some XLBs (soup dumplings). It's about a 15 min walk from Millbrae BART station. But if you're on BART why not go into the City. Your options are many for a very good meal, either inexpensive or pricey.

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                Okay; Thanks everyone for your replies. You've convinced me to take the BART all the way into the city. The downside is that the choices are almost overwhelming but I will buckle down and do the research, come up with a place that meets my budget and tastes, and report back. I am staying 2 nights so I plan to go into Milbrae 1 night and check out one of your recommendations.