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Feb 16, 2010 09:44 AM

Saturday Lunch or Brunch in or near Cherry Hill

Any recommendations at all?

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  1. Mandarin Buffet
    1631 North Kings Highway (41 and 70/old Ellisburg Circle)
    Cherry Hill, NJ 08034-2303
    (856) 857-1151

    1. Siri's on Route 70 is a very pleasant place for lunch and open on Saturdays. You can get directions on their website. French/Thai/continental.
      Also near Route 70, in the shopping center that houses Wegmans, there is a Cheesecake Factory and a McCormick & Schmick's.

      1. We find ourselves visiting friends/family often in NJ for brunches. The next one we want to try is Tortilla Press in Collingswood. We have heard some very good things about it. If you try it, please report back. Thanks.

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          yum - love their brunches. We've been there many times for both dinner and brunch, and it's consistently great. Big thumbs-up for the Tortilla Press! And it looks like they reopened their Cantina in Pennsauken (right by the Cherry Hill Mall).

          1. re: truman

            Does Cantina have the same owners as Tortilla Press?

            1. re: wench31

              yep. The menus are similar if not identical, though it looks like the Cantina does not do Sunday brunch.

        2. Skip all others and go here:
          Seiously it will be a wonderful meal!

          1. Thought I'd follow up...we had the chance to have brunch at Tortilla Press in Collingswood today. It was wonderful! My husband had eggs over easy with a wonderful sauce (sorry, don't know the name), my daughter had the fritatta with what she described as AMAZING homefries and I had the Chicken Fajita (delicious! VERY different than anywhere else and I just LOVED the sauce on the chicken). We will definitely go back! It was nice, too, as the owner/chef walked through the restaurant making sure all were enjoying their food...Oh, and when we arrived we were greeted with wonderful fried tortillas with cinnamon/sugar on them and a yummy creamy sauce with them...delicious! We arrived around 12:30 and were easily seated. However when we left around 2, there was quite a line outside. In addition the tables seated after us were given tortilla chips with salsa instead of the cinnamon ones we had. First time there so not sure why but we're thinking it was the time we arrived..