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Feb 16, 2010 09:21 AM

Restaurant in Mississauga w/ Private Room?

Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to book dinner for a group of sales reps at the end of a big day of meetings. Specifically I'm looking for a mid-high end restaurant in Mississauga that has a private or semi-private room to accommodate around 20 people.

In the past we've done most of the big steak houses (The Keg, Ruth's Chris, Baton Rouge, etc) and they've seemed to enjoy that, so something in that similar vein would be good (nothing wholly ethnic, where the picky guys can't find anything to eat). Our offices are located at Courtney Park and Highway 10, but we're willing to travel anywhere in Mississauga/West Toronto.

I'm fairly new to living in Mississauga so I don't know where all of the good restaurants are, let alone the ones that have private space for the entire group. Anyone got any suggestions?


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  1. what about the texas longhorn restaurant on dundas, i seem to remember them having a semi private room at the back. you could call and ask.

    1. I have used the private room at Solstice in the past....great italian food but for my corporate event they incl steak on the menu for any truly fussy eaters and it was a big hit.
      There is also a tv in that room so we had that on for after dinner to wind down the evening.
      It's at Lakeshore and Clarkson so not sure if that's out of your range.