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Feb 16, 2010 08:48 AM

Chinatown soup stocks...

I don't know where this posting belongs, but I'm sure that the CH monitors will help me.

I REALLY want to be able to reproduce (or preferably just buy) the chicken soup stock that they serve in Chinatown (Toronto)... It is truly medicinal...

I've been going to Swatow for years, but recently it seems their stock tastes better... clearer, purer (?)... that information might be irrelevant, but I'd just really like to know where I can buy some or how I can make some. It's such a good, healthy base for cooking.


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  1. Monitors checking in!

    The question of where to buy soup stock similar to that used in Chinatown is on topic for this board. The question of how to make it, however, belongs on our Home Cooking board:

    Either Moimoi can start another thread on Home Cooking and post a link to it here so people can find it, or whoever has some advice on making it can start the thread themselves and post a link here.


    1. I don't know if you can buy stocks like that, but T&T has pre-made packages of soup that you can buy. Comes with the chicken and herbs. Handy, since I never have a clue about what mom tosses in her soups. The downside is that I'm not sure which soup I'm getting either... but hey, adventure!

      To make your own chicken soup stock, Chinese style, I've written up about recently:

      You can always toss in some goji berries as one comment suggested. Or ginseng, as my mother is wont to do. The latter is not my preference!