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Feb 16, 2010 08:47 AM

Cheko's on Koenig Lane

I've been hearing about Chekos from my friends in the Violet Crown neighborhood up north.

Who's been?

How was the chow?

1304 Koenig Ln
Austin, TX 78757
(512) 407-8480

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  1. We've gone quite a few times. Its nothing to write home about. Their chicken mole one time was really awesome, the next time bah. They do have a green hot sauce which is very remniscent of the Dona Sauce from TacoDeli thats really good. But overall, its on the fair to middling range of the local tex-mex joints in this town, of which there are thousands.

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    1. re: ChrisStein

      I second that. Their breakfast items--migas, breakfast tacos, etc--are good, but not extraordinary. Chips and salsa are pretty standard, though they do offer a thinnish light green spicy sauce like Chris mentioned, which is a nice change. It's a good choice if you're in the area--quick, super cheap and always pleasant service--but I wouldn't recommend driving across town to Cheko's.

    2. Pretty basic tex-mex food. We eat breakfast there pretty regularly which is similar to the Taqueria Arandas on Burnet. The thing that draws me back is the corn tortillas. Don't know if they are making them fresh in house, but they sure taste much better than the pieces of cardboard most places pass off as corn tortillas.

      1. The first time I went, I walked out after being ignored for about 15 minutes. Gave it another try since friends had recommended it, and on the second visit the service was better (i.e. I was served) but the food was forgettable. Not worth it.

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        1. re: f2048

          You know, the name of this place has changed several times over the years. Each time, I've gone in and found the menu to be exactly the same.

          I did see a sign out front advertising $1 beers for happy hour. That's a reason to go.

          I've always had a soft spot for that place, though - I once left my wedding ring on the table, didn't realize it, and then didn't go back for two months. I thought it was gone for good. I was shocked when the waitress brought me the ring on my next visit.