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Feb 16, 2010 08:05 AM

Z-One Restaurant in Staten Island Review

Finally tried it out last night for the first time and came away very happy. The place was hopping on a Monday night (yes it was President's Day) but that still speaks highly of it. I wouldn't even label this as your typical diner. It is more of a restaurant. They take a lot of pride in their dishes and they are plentiful and very nicely presented unlike your run of the mill diner. Definitely more upscale.

Atmosphere- I really like the atmosphere- they have a dining room and a bar separately- very modern looking, looks like a great place to watch a game with lots of TV's but also a very nice diner as well.

Food- As for the food it was very very good. The menu is absolutely huge and has everything you can imagine from appetizers, sandiwiches, wraps, burgers, breakfast all day (where the "diner" aspect comes in), and lots of entrees and specials. We decided on the following: florentine omelette with egg whites, spinach, feta cheese and a side of home fries, steak sourdough melt with sweet potato fries, and Hickory burger with cheddar, bacon, BBQ. All were delicious.... the only minor hiccup was that the steak melt could have had a tad more meat and my dad's burger was ordered with curly fries but they ran out. Other than that the food was really good. Huge portions, especially the burger which was 10 ounces and cooked perfectly as ordered BLOODY RARE. It is so hard these days to find a place that can cook a rare burger but they delivered a terrific one. They also have a great dessert case and we shared this really great pastry thingamajig- poundcake,layered with strawberries, chocolate whipped cread, vanilla whipped cream topped with a hard chocolate top and all enrobed and sitting in hard choc shell. AWESOME!

Next time I will branch out and actually try one of their entrees to see how they stack up. I saw tons of other tables ordering entrees that looked totally delicious so I am sure they are good. Steaks looked good, some Italian dishes like chicken parmm were mountainous (usually would never order something of that type unless it was in an Italian restaurant). Usually in a "diner" I wouldn't stray too far from basics but again this place is more like a restaurant so I would venture into steaks, chops, and the like. Much like the Annadale Diner which I always considered the best and most gourmet diner on SI. Now, I think it has some serious comp with Z-One baby.

Service- Bread hit the table right away and was a great selection- not your typical run of the mill bread. They included a delicious cheese danish type thing, cinnamon bread, cranberry, and onion rolls. Waiter was a little aloof and was kind of annoying because he was lingering around our table the whole time. Also they tried clearing our plates a couple times before we were done and we had to tell them to calm down. Other than that it was pretty good.. this really was the only negative. It is good to be attentive but there is a fine line between that and being totally annoying which they bordered on.

For a fun place with great affordable food that isn't your run of the mill diner head to Z-one!

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  1. The first time I was there everybody said the food was very good like you say. I went back a couple of weeks later on a Sunday and everybody complained about the food. The cheese bread is terrific. Maybe it was because of Sunday. Will try again though.

    1. See now that is funny - how I have been to ZOne 3x and would just say "mediocre". The service needed a lot of work all three times and the food was just 'good' and definitely not worth a long wait as it can be on the weekends. The breakfasts are supposedly fantastic but I again can't agree. But as always is the case - my opinion only. There are definitely worse places to eat on this island so this is a fair trade-off.

      1. I have been to Z1 several times the food is good some items are better than others. I tried the "kobe" sliders they were a little dry. The breakfast was good the Pot Roast and chicken fajitas were the best so far. Over all it is better than a regular diner with a much better atmosphere.

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            I would also rate the food as average but agree the surroundings/atmosphere is more enjoyable.