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Feb 16, 2010 07:57 AM

Help with dinner for 5 and AYCE brunch march

Looking for a reasonable place to have dinner a weekend night in March Fort Lauderdaleish area. 5 people, adventurous eaters (two will be chefs). Would like to keep it moderate, entrees high twenties at the most, great wine list is also a plus. No particular cuisine is necessary, although we have a tendency to lean toward seasonal new American.
Places we have liked: Johnny V’s, Rustic Inn, Ocean 3030, Mai-Kai, Bova, Dada

Places we have not liked in the past: Taverna kyma, seasons 52

Thinking about trying: Olio, YOLO, Bourbon steak (although I think it’s a bit pricey for this venture) Lola’s on Harrison…

We are certainly NOT apposed to going back to a place we really liked, open to new suggestions

Bonus points for a brunch place, all you can eat preferably, crabs legs an even bigger plus!

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  1. If you want to try Bourbon Steak still there's a special bar menu with the main focus being their Burger Bar menu. These aren't ordinary burgers either. I'd check them out on their site. Also Wednesdays is Bourbon and Blues with live music (plus it's the only night of the week that they serve chicken and waffles). It's a chill evening with good food and would probably come out to as much as say Johnny V or Bova, if not less.

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      it has to be during the weekend, I knew about the Bourbon and Blues Wednesday thing but I will not be there on a Wednesday so that is not an option. and since its a party of 5, i didnt want to do a bar menu.

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        Apologies for not meeting your expectations. Hope you're able to find something suitable.

    2. The restaurant that will always fit the Bill is Houstan's. They even have a great Ambience and you didn't ask for that benefit. I can tell you one thing that Houstan's is probably the most consistant place you will ever eat. There are certainally much better Restaurant's, but none, more consisitant then Houstan's.

      1. anyone have any thoughts on these specific choices???

        ZED451 - Boca Raton

        Lola's on Harrison

        Michaels genuine


        Himmarshee Bar & Grille

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          I'm not sure if you're mentioning Michael's Genuine for the brunch or the dinner. I assume you know it's not in Fort Lauderdale but rather in Miami's Design District. You will find plenty about it on this board.

          If you're thinking about the brunch, know that it is not an "AYCE" brunch - rather, it is an a la carte menu of mostly smaller dishes so you can order a few different things, set up very similarly to its dinner menu.

          1. re: Frodnesor

            Im asking about either meal for all of the above mentioned.... wondering about peoples personal opinions of the food, ambience, etc...