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Feb 16, 2010 07:48 AM

NW London recs

Looking to have a nice dinner with my spouse while in London visiting relatives. We'll be in NW London, so somewhere nearby would be ideal. Not high-end, but not a hole-in-the-wall either. Just someplace with good food and nice ambiance. Any cuisine but African is fine. Any ideas? Thanks.

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  1. I hate to be a pedant, but NW London to me means anything from Camden (NW1) to Kingsbury (NW9)... Very different areas. Where exactly are we talking?

    Asakusa in Mornington Crescent (NW1) perhaps? Good Japanese, izakaya style fare. Make sure you sit upstairs, otherwise I'd say don't bother. The downstairs is that bad.

    The Bull and Last (NW5) is supposed to be good, if you're nearer to there. A friend of mine lives nearby and likes it, but I've not been.

    If you mean further out, then newly opened is Pacific Plaza, a sort of update of the old Oriental City. It has a food court. I've tried them all, and thus far the guy from Beijing at Shan, the Korean food at 'Hot Korean' and the Malaysian at Seleramu have been good. Also good is the Cantonese stuff at the unnamed place at the back wall, with the roast meats better than average.