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Recreational Cooking Classes?

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Sort of off topic - but does anyone know of recreational cooking schools in Los Angeles aside from Sur La Table? I'd like to learn a few more skills but not sure where to start. Thanks.

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  1. I took a class in Thai cooking at the New School of Cooking in Culver City which I really enjoyed. A friend took the entire professional series there and thought it was excellent. They have a wide variety of classes.

    Link: http://www.newschoolofcooking.com/

    1. Check the posting in the Wed LA times food section. They often advertise cooking classes

      1. Chef Eric in West Los Angeles does a very good job and offers a wide range of classes. A friend who is an excellent cook took one recently said she would do more.

        Link: http://www.culinaryclassroom.com/

        1. I have no personal experience with them, so this isn't my personal recco. But, sparing the back story, this guy seems to be a mensch, so I'm throwing into the ring this data point: Chez Cherie, which offers recreational coooking classes in La Canada (near Pasadena). Owner Cherie Mercer Twohy is an IACP Certified Culinary Professional, and occasional poster at Chowhound.

          Link: http://www.chezcherie.com

          1. Try The New School of Cooking in Culver City

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              i gave my boyfriend a knife skills class for his birthday last year at new school... he had a good time and learned a lot.. he does all the slicing and dicing now!

            2. I have also taken classes at the Epicurean on Melrose, but haven't been wild about the results. Chef's Inc. has opened recently, located on Pico and Veteran. While I can't vouch for how the classes are, it may be worth your while to check it out.

              Link: http://www.chefsinc.net/

              1. New School of Cooking is great for hands on classes. Also some Williams Sonomas have classes (the one in Beverly Hills does).

                1. The cooking classes at Bristol Farms are actually demonstration classes instead of hands on (except for their Sushi Class), but I always have fun when I've taken them in the past. They're also reasonably priced, between $25 to $35.

                  Not only do you get the printed recipes to take home, you also get a lot of tips and tricks and of course, the best part of the whole class is eating the food during and after the demo. :)


                  Link: http://www.bristolfarms.com/cookingsc...

                  1. Okay, so I am posting a reply on a really old thread, but I wanted so much to talk about the class I took this weekend at Spork in Silverlake.

                    I loved it...

                    Yes, it was vegan, and yes, it is in an apartment kitchen, and yes, it's only demonstration, but seriously, it was fab.

                    Jenny, the teacher (sorry, I just can't refer to a girl who was in a tube top and pigtails as a chef), is just the most charming person and the recipes are easy and delicious. (Cliche, but true.)

                    The crowd was a good mix of vegans, vegetarians and the omni-curious.

                    I was just charmed by it all and I really did feel like a learned a lot and ate a lot.

                    It cost $65, was 2 hours and mostly demonstration. Parking was fine (not easy, but not a nightmare) and the class included six recipes. At the end of the class we sat at her table and ate the meal. The same menu is taught four times each weekend.