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Feb 16, 2010 07:37 AM

HELP! Need Nice, Trendy Restaurant in Bergen - Woodcliff Lake, Park Ridge, Montvale Area for Rehearsal Dinner

Please help, I need to find a nice, trendy restaurant in the Woodcliff Lake, Park Ridge, Montvale area where we can host a rehearsal dinner for about 50 people in a private room/area. Thank you so much for your help and suggestions in advance!

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    1. Best for this in the area is Bacari Grill, Washington Twp.

      1. Bacari Grill and Valentino's are both good options.
        Also Fire and Oak in Montvale might be a more Trendy option.
        Fire & Oak – Montvale, New Jersey
        “The Oak Room” Private Room Up To 35
        “The Lounge” Semi Private Room Seats Up To 55
        “The Dining Salon” Semi Private Room Seats Up To 100
        “The Balcony” Raised Private Room Seats Up To 45

        1. I don't recommend Bacari...the food just isn't very good in my experience. Like the Park Steakhouse, but I wouldn't exactly call it trendy. Fire & Oak, if you can overlook the location in a suite hotel, is good and meets your criteria.

          1. Thank you so much for all of the suggestions...I absolutely LOVE Fire & Oak but they can't accommodate 50-60 people for a sit down dinner unfortunately. Does anyone know of anything similar in the area. Also, has anyone been to Valentino's? Thank you so much!

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              Was going to suggest Fire & Oak but just read the last post saying they couldnt accommodate you. Valentino's is terrible - definitely wouldnt recommend. There are not too many "good" restaurants that can accomodate a private party of that size - as far as trendy - I cant think of any! The Park Steakhouse does have a nice private room downstairs but not sure how many it can accomodate. Good luck - sounds like a tough one.

              1. re: sweetpotopie

                Maybe try the Woodcliff Lake Hilton, Park Ridge Marriott .I personally like Valentinos, was just there last week , a small party of 25, they did a great job. The HoHoKus Inn is newly remodeled, I don't know if it can hold your party, check it out, pretty good. The area you are looking in doesnt have much choice. Good Luck!

                1. re: sweetpotopie

                  I love Valentino's it is not really trendy but it is a really nice place with good food.

                  There is the Porter House in Montvale too but I don't know that it is anything special. I haven't been there in years.