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Feb 16, 2010 07:19 AM

MoonCake Foods

Recently discovered this place and cant get enough. Boats healthy cooking using organic ingredients whenever possible, super creative ingredients with asian and spanish influences... average item on the menu runs around $10! Curious what other peoples experiences have been here and if its too good to be true.

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  1. I like it a lot as a cheap, quick dinner option when I find myself in the neighborhood (I've only been to the one at 30th/8th). Haven't had a bad dish yet, although some are stronger than others. It isn't heavy on the ambiance, but I agree that it's a great option.

    1. I ate there everyday for about 3 months straight, alternating between the steak plate and the chicken on salad. I wasn't big on their soups, and the one time I ordered the lobster roll, that was a mistake. Some of the sandwiches are also decent. It's got pretty good value and flavor (I love the cilantro sauce).

      After 3 months, I was sick of the food, I tried to go back but the steak is really kinda tough. Haven't really been back since, but it's hard to find reasonably priced food in the area. Check out the salads and sandwiches (esp the duck sandwich) at Rheon Cafe for a nice surprise and change of pace. So I guess be careful of burning out on Mooncake.

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        Yeah, Mooncake is one of those places I go to when in the area, since there's not much else around and you can get a good sandwich there, but it's never wowwed me. It's fine, but somehow I always want it to be better (I'm talking about the one in chelsea, haven't been to the other one)...I'll definitely give Rheon a try, though, thanks for the tip.

      2. I love Mooncake! I order delivery from there maybe once every other week or so. Everything is quite good but I particularly love the beef shin tacos and the Shanghai noodle soup. I can't find anything wrong with the place especially for the price!!

        1. Anyone tested out the Hells Kitchen location yet (on 54th street)? It apparently opened up just a couple of weeks ago. I have never tried their primary location, but will be interested to see how they do in an area with plenty of other inexpensive ethnic options!

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            I ended up deciding to answer my own question, and wandered over to the new location tonight. I had never tried out their other locations, but was tempted by others' positive reviews.
            Overall, I found it to be a great addition to the neighborhood, with large quantities of generally fresh and healthy options at a low price point.
            We started off with Vietnamese summer rolls, which were good but will not become a standby for me. The greens were fresh, but there was just nothing that particularly stood out. The peanut sauce that accompanied was a bit too sweet.
            For a main course, I went with octopus and spinach noodles, which is a variation on a cold octopus salad, as the spinach noodles are chilled. The octopus was very good, and the spinach flavors of the noodles was accentuated by being served chilled. The sauce ("spicy tamarind") was actually quite peanutty, and did not seem spicy at all, the main disappointment of the dish. However, we were given a dish of jalapeno-ginger puree at the beginning of our meal, which I used to enhance the spice factor. DH got grilled shrimp with brown rice, which I did not taste but he thought was very nicely prepared; also a very large side of napa slaw.
            Including tip and beverages (including a pot of hot ginger tea, which was absolutely fantastic with a big punch of ginger spice), our meal came to less than $40, which is always a good deal in my book.
            I will say that certain things appeared more freshly prepared than others; it would behoove one to eat there a couple times to decipher which items are fresh and which ones not-so-much (ie the summer rolls, which I suspect were prepared in advance and stored in a fridge). They have an open kitchen so this would not be hard to figure out.
            In all, it will definitely be a spot to which I plan returning for an inexpensive, relatively healthy meal.