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Feb 16, 2010 06:19 AM

Gage or Coco Pazzo?

I have narrowed our choices for a Sunday night in March to these two restaurants. We are staying at the Park Hyatt so both are relatively close. I understand they are two different types of dining: one a pub the other more upscale Italian dining. We are really open to either type of cuisine and atmosphere. My question is for the price, quality of food, atmosphere and service which would be the choice?

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  1. I have never been to Sage, but to Coco Pazzo several times and loved it. It is not cheap,but not overpriced, imo. We've had fabulous risotto, pasta, meats, antipasti--really have enjoyed almost everything I've eaten there. (And the more casual Coco Pazzo Cafe, in Streeterville, is a true bargain.)

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      Both Gage and Coco Pazzo are good and comparable in price and quality (altho with vastly different kinds of foods--Anglo-gastropub v. Tuscan) but if I wanted a more relaxed somewhat more refined evening I would choose CP. By the way, as mentioned above CP Cafe is also very good and when I'm looking for an inexpensive meal in the area, I occasionally wind up there. But in terms of quality and interest I think it's far out-paced by the HQ CP.

    2. Are you referring to Sage Bistro in west suburban St. Charles, 45 miles west of Chicago, or Sage Grille in north suburban Highwood, 40 miles north of Chicago? Either one is going to involve quite a bit of inconvenience to get to, and is not the pub that you have described. Or is there some other place you're referring to, and perhaps you got the name wrong? Is it possible you're thinking of the Gage, a gastropub on Michigan Avenue about a mile south of the Park Hyatt?

      OTOH Coco Pazzo is reasonably close to the Park Hyatt (although if you're open to another suggestion, Cafe Spiaggia is much closer, slightly less expensive, and IMHO just as good - both are excellent for mid-priced Italian).

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        Sorry about that. i did mean GAGE not SAGE!

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          Then my vote would be for CP. Alternately, I would also consider nsxtasy's suggestion of Cafe Spiaggia. It is also excellent upscale and not overpriced Italian (Cafe Spiaggia, not Spiaggia).

          I have eaten twice at The Gage and been twice underwhelmed. It is bustling and noisy, which is not bad, but I never thought the food lived up to it's promise. It is likely that others with disagree with me.

          For an excellent gastropub, I would recommend Publican that I considere outrageously wonderful in every way. It is not walking distance from your hotel, but is only a sort cab ride away. The first time I ate there, my impulse was to make another reservation on my way out -- like I was scheduling my next cleaning at my dentist. I couldn't wait to go back. The only downside at Publican might be for you the group seating -- not the case at Gage.