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Feb 16, 2010 06:14 AM

Paczkis in Nashville

Any one have any idea where to find these? They are around during Mardi Gras, kind of like a donut pronounces poonshki?
Any ideas?

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  1. I would try Bro's Cajun, Nooley's, or Cajun Steamers....maybe even Whole Foods?

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    1. There's no Polish anything in Nashville, but you might try Aleksey's Imports to see whether there's a Russian equivalent.

      1. Did you find any paczkis in Nashville? From what I can tell, up north Paczki Day is either celebrated on Mardi Gras day or the Thursday before. We already have a bunch of traditional Mardi Gras foods, so I'm thinking of making these on the Thursday before next year.

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        1. re: decolady

          Never found any :-( we went to Connecticut that weekend and they had them in the Stop and Shop there so we got the paczki fix taken care of!