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Feb 16, 2010 06:08 AM

crawfish for Fat Tuesday in the city of Austin???

Hey all,

Sorry for this last minute post. I am looking to have some delicious and spicy crawdaddies tonight for Fat Tuesday and I just realized that I did not know of any good places in town. Where are the best places to go and get an serving of crawfish, corn, and potatoes?


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  1. I would imagine Evangaline, Shoal Creek Saloon and Quality Seafood would all be serving.

    1. Sam's Boat
      Hot Boiled
      Boiling Pot on 6th St.

      1. thanks for the quick replies--.

        1. There's also Crawfish Shack on Wells Branch. I haven't been, but it recently got a good write-up in the Chronicle.

          1. Quality Seafood definitely has crawfish in the house. Was just there last night.

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