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Feb 16, 2010 06:08 AM


Will be travelling next week to Paris and London-

Any recommendations on where to have dinner?

Paris- will be there Sunday, Monday, Tuesday
Also want to bring snacks on the Eurostar train to London

- dinner Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday
- need somwhere to pick up Shabbat dinner/lunch and dinner to bring on the plane Sunday night. How's the selection at Selfridges?

I'm not looking for anything specific- anything goes from pizza to fancy places. Just an a list and some ideas would be great!


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  1. Where in London are you staying? You know there is only one kosher restaurant in the city (actually two if you include bevis marks- a very upmarket, fancy place.. not sure if its open for dinner though).
    You will need to go to Hendon, Golders Green, Finchley or Edgware for places to eat- these are all accessible by tube though.

    If you go to Brent Cross (big shopping mall) there is a kosher restaurant called Kanteen in the mall. It is good food, and really fun (plus a novelty) to be able to shop then eat IMO.
    There is a chain of restaurants called Orli- I would avoid the one in Hendon, but Finchley and Edware are both both very good. There is an Indian restaurant called Beit Hamadra in Hendon which is excellent (the main kosher stuff is on 'Brent Street'- about 10 minutes walk from Hendon Central tube). If you go to Hendon, you have two schwarma places, Kaifeng- fancy chinese, Beis Hamadras- Indian (and i know of at least one other, maybe 2 indian places in hendon), Bistro 86- upscale bistro, 2 bakeries (bonjour and sharons), a really cool pizza place- pizzazza, a kosher deli (deli express), very nice sit down grill type israeli joint (white house), the dairy 'sister' restaurant (isola bella), oh and finally 'mr baker' which is like an israeli 'sam booka'- they have borekas, slads, desserts, pizza- a quick eating place.

    if you venture to golders green, they have a white house express (as in hendon but supposedly faster), a noodle bar (chinese- my husband said it is just ok)- chopstix, metsuyan- fancy pan-asian food, slice- pizza joint, 5th avenue- pizza place, grodzinkis bakery- DELICIOUS, francescas- upscale dairy inside a hotel, kosher kingdom- HUGE kosher supermarket, carmellis- bakery, golden brown- bakery/ cafe place, sollys- israel grill place and i can't think of anything else.
    i think if you go to hendon you will pretty much find everything you need there, and i believe it is closest to kosher restaurants from any tube station.

    if you are staying in the city, i would recommend selfirdges only for sandwhiches- i do not think they carry more thna that. if you want deli and stuff in the city, rubens does deli sandwiches, fries etc...

    for shabbat, if you go to hendon, manna deli carries great take out stuff, but i believe most of the meat places do take out for shabbat- depends what you are looking for. likely even rubens does some kind of shabbat take out.

    let me know if you have any specific questions- i grew up in london and frequently go back to see my family.

    here is some more info:

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    1. re: marissaj

      thank you! thank you! thank you!

      We'll be staying at the Baglioni Hotel. Are the hotels usually good with giving tube directions? I wrote down everything, and I guess we'll figure it out when we get there. Hendon- is everything kind of in the same area? Just thinking if we go there, might just walk around and see what looks good/interesting... or are all the restaurants a tube ride away from each other?

      For Shabbat meals- what would you recommend? We won't be able to heat anything up. Really, I'm just looking for whatever's best...

      1. re: cheesecake17

        ok. so you will be in kensington. i do not think either city restaurant are particularly near. as for the plane ride btw, i suggest getting dd's sandwhiches from selfridges- do not rely on them to have a huge selection though.

        yes, you look pretty close to a tube station, and hotels in london will be really good at giving directions- especially in the city. The restaurants in Hendon are all very close to each other- along brent street. if you take the tube to hendon central (you will likely need to change tubes as kensington is on the central line, and hendon is on the northern line) you can walk straight up queens road, make a left at the end and you are on brent street- it shouldnt take longer than 10 minutes, and you will not need to look very far to see other jewish people if you need help lol.

        restaurants in london are also open a LOT later than their US counterparts- it is not uncommon to begin eating dinner at 7:30 or 8 in england, however, i do not recommend taking public transport back too late at night, since the streets in london and the tube stations get a little shady as it gets later into the evening.

        as far as commneting on the city restaurants- i cannot do so, as ruebens i went to a long time ago (wasted on me as a vegetarian), and bevis marks i have never been to (also meat, so again would be wasted on me) but i hear is excellent, albeit very expensive.

        if you cannot heat anything, i would go to manna deli in hendon (all on brent street) and get some take out stuff. they do a lot of the israeli type food- cigarim, potato pastels etc as well as meats and kugels. should you want dairy, however, you can simply go across the road to mr. baker and pick up borekas etc. Hendon is very convinient in that most of the restaurants are in one place, and that you can always ask someone who will gladly help you.

        it is worth noting too that many of the little newsagents have a lot of kosher snacks like potato chips and chocolate and drinks. nothing in london has hashgacha though, so i recommend printing out a copy of the 'kosher nosh guide' just incase you are starving in a museum somewhere...

        1. re: marissaj

          Ruebens is solid and is a lot closer to Kensington than Hendon or Golders Green. If your hotel is in Kensington, it will be a schlep to Hendon/Golders Green and back just for a meal. I would check out Reubens and see how you like it before doing the schlep. They will also be able to do everything you need for Shabbat.
          Bevis Marks is excellent, but you should check how late they are open since they are not in a jewish area.
          I would also check out Hermolis, I think they have a website, and they should be able to deliver.
          One other thing, nothing in London is cheap.

          1. re: njkosher

            I know that Hendon and Golders Green aren't the closest to the hotel, but I figured it would be an experience. Also, I don't want to limit myself to one or two places in the city.

          2. re: marissaj

            thank you again! How late is too late to take the tube back to the hotel? Do we have to be 'dressed up' for the restaurants in Hendon? I was thinking that we would just go straight from our day to dinner... unless jeans aren't acceptable.

            Good to know that the restaurants in Hendon are in one place. I love walking around the Jewish neighborhoods in other cities. Easier in that we can just walk into whatever looks good and enjoy it without worrying. We'll definitely pick up Shabbat food from Manna and Mr Baker.

            And I'll print out the Kosher nosh guide. If I want to shop, gotta keep my husband occupied with something!

            1. re: cheesecake17

              no need to dress up.
              i wouldnt go back much past 9 p.m...
              i would avoid hermolis- IMHO the food is terrible...
              Very true-nothing in london is cheap at all!!!

              1. re: marissaj

                again, thanks!
                don't plan on being out past 9. i'm usually up so early that by 10 i'm sleeping!
                nothing is cheap- but i already knew that!!

      2. You can also get DD sandwiches at Heathrow. See for a list of places. Most international flights land in Terminal 3. When you come out of customs/immigration and have claimed your luggage, come through the door and bear to your right, and you'll see Bite Cafe. The kosher sandwiches are in a fridge display near non-kosher sandwiches, so double-check the labels.

        The sandwiches were quite good and on different types of bread. I was there 3 times on a recent trip, and each time there was a different selection.

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        1. re: shevi

          Thanks, but we we'll be arriving in London by train from Paris.

          Are the kosher sandwiches available for departing flights too?

          1. re: cheesecake17

            There were none at the terminal I was departing from. I'm not sure how many international departure terminals there are.

            1. re: cheesecake17

              i do not believe there are dd's for departing flights. i would recommend picking some up in selfridges before the light. the shopping at heathrow is excellent however, and there ar elots and lots of places to pick up snacks etc or flights, but no 'real' food.

              1. re: marissaj

                It's not as if departures and arrivals are that far apart! If you're departing from Terminal 1 or 3, just go downstairs to arrivals. What's the big deal?

                Though the one time I went looking for these, it was Tzom Gedaliah and they hadn't been delivered that day. I ended up breaking my fast on chips and fruit.

                1. re: marissaj

                  thanks everyone.

                  i figured we would probably pick something up from selfridges before heading to the airport. we have the whole day to spend in london- so wherever we end up for lunch we'll probably pick up something to eat later.

                  i'm getting excited!!