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Feb 16, 2010 03:39 AM

where to eat before a show at TOHU, tonight?

Our usual suspects are Les 2 fours on Belanger (BYOW Peruvian/Italian place) or le Petit coin du Mexique (JTalon corner Iberville). Any other suggestions in the area, open on a Tuesday? We're coming from downtown (metro) after work and need to be at la TOHU for about 7h40 pm to pick up the tickets, so a place where you can have a good main and dessert within 1h30 would be ideal.

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  1. I've heard good things about this new place

    It's right next to la Tohu.

    1. Well, a notch above Les deux fours and Coin du Mexique, you have Roberto (good italian; You could do the two courses in 1h30 no problem, especially if you mention you are on a schedule.

      1. Thanks for your suggestions! Not being too hungry, we decided to try the TribuTerre bistro, which is indeed really close to la Tohu. It's a very welcoming and colorful space, where musical events, speaker nights and other activities seem to be regularly organized. Last night it was quite lively /noisy as a kid's carnaval was happening (seems that it's carnaval time in Brazil too!), and the place was packed!! We had a few glasses of wine (drinks by the glass are half-price during the "5 à 7") and nibbled on the blue cheese grilled polenta (meh) and a Greca pizza - nice thin crust, but almost raw onions on top. They have a 10$ buffet special on Tuesdays (pasta, paninis, pizza, salads, desserts) but food was disappearing quite fast so we ordered from the menu.
        Desserts was the best part; Italian specialties they were introducing for the first time yesterday - I forget the names, but there was nutella and pastry cream filled half moon cookies, chestnut miniballs and sugared thin strips of fried dough. All were very good, and cheap! We bought a few to take home. The best part was chatting with the Italian barman, which talks just like Roberto Benigni!

        This place has a good vibe, staff is made of volunteers, they use local/organic food as much as possible and there is a real community involvement. Maybe not the most quiet cafe /bistro around, but quite charming.