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Feb 15, 2010 10:24 PM

Road Trip: Seattle to Malibu - Need Recs

OK Chowhounders....I"m goin' on a road trip and need your help. This isn't any old roadtrip - my fiance and I, who have endured a long distance relationship, are finally joining households, by giving up the one in Seattle and moving together to the one in Malibu. We are wine freaks and love good food. Fancy, Dives. Ethnic. He is particularily fond of IPA's with high alcohol content; I am fond of tiny inns owned by cool people with dogs in off beat places. We'd love everyone's suggestions on places to eat, go and stay between there and here. Bring it on.....

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  1. So many possibilities, but one rec I'd make is to check out a tiny shack right off the 101 in Ventura called Great Central Steak n Hoagy. It's on Thompson Avenue. Cheese steak sandwiches, cherry peppers and really good steak fries, in a brown paper bag. 'Nuff said.

    If you stop in or near Santa Cruz, there's a fantastic little restaurant with an adjoining boutique wine shop called Soif in downtown SC. I love this place, we sit at the wine bar which also has a view of the open kitchen beyond, and order a bunch of their small plates which are all fantastic and designed to go with their creative and well-priced wine list. You can order wines by the taste, half-glass, glass or bottle, as you like. And the staff are very helpful and knowledgeable about their wines.

    Oh, and in Castroville (east of Monterey north of Salinas) you must stop for a bag of deep-fried artichoke hearts at that place with the giant artichoke out front (these, too, come in a brown paper bag - good things come in brown paper bags, I guess).

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      Thanks Mikester! I know of that BBQ place. Have passed it many times; used to know someone who lived right up the street. There's also a pizza place on Thompson near the Chevron (don't know the cross street) with outdoor benches on a corner. That place is amazing; do yo know the name?

      Thanks for the Santa Cruz and Castroville suggests!

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