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Feb 15, 2010 10:07 PM

Good pick-up food around St. Clair-Bathurst area

I've just moved to the Forest Hill Village area near St. Clair and Bathurst. I live alone and am very busy, so I don't do a lot of cooking. I'm looking for good take-out options in the area. I've already discovered Alberto's Pizza on Bathurst (quite good, but no parking). I also like thick burgers, Chinese, Thai, sandwiches, deli food, Mediterranean, vegetarian, traditional North American homestyle -- lots of stuff. Not looking for fine dining here -- just inexpensive but good stuff for takeout. Any ideas? Thanks.

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  1. It's a little further west than St. Clair/Bathurst (St. Clair and Christie - 750 St. Clair W.) but Nama Sushi has awesome sushi that is very well priced and of good quality. Very low-key, super nice staff and they do a TON of takeout as their dining room is super tiny.

    Nama Sushi
    750 St Clair Ave W, Toronto, ON M6C1B5, CA

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      If you like Jamaican..."Albert's Real Jamaican" at NW corner of St.Clair West & Vaughan...but not for Roti, only for Chicken, Oxtail, Goat Dinners and he makes amazing Soup on a daily basis. Try "Savera" further along St.Clair near Winona for very tasty Indian Food ..there are many others to choose from and many different cuisines are offered.

    2. In the Village try Mashu Mashu -- fantastic, fresh food you can take out. Edo also does take out but it's pricey. Banfi will also do pizzas to take out -- another really good option.

      At St. Clair and Bathurst, Taste of Thai House is excellent and relatively cheap (it's on Vaughan just south of St. Clair). They deliver. There are other places past Christie which are excellent but that might be a bit far for you if you're in the Village.

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      1. re: Arcadiaseeker

        Yup, Arcadiaseeker pretty much nailed the list.

        I just moved away from the Village after (too) many there.

        Banfi - Perfect lazy takeout night - great pizza/pasta/salads
        Mashu Mashu - excellent take-out - try the lentil soup - addictive. The trout is really good too.
        Edo - I agree that they do great takeout sushi but too expensive. Only occasionally.
        Sushi Lovers - okay sushi and reasonably priced. They only do takeout - no seating.
        What a Bagel for good sandwiches and soup

        If you NEED a burger and can't venture out of the Village, go to Hope Street Cafe or Village Restaurant, but avoid in all other instances.

      2. If you don't mind a bit of a walk, Stockyards (just west of Christie) is a must for great BBQ and fried chicken.

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          Agreed about The Stockyards and Mashu Mashu. The food is awesome at both places, though I am not crazy about the vibe and service at Stockyards.

          I’d also try Eastern Twist before it closes in the coming weeks. King Falafel at Bathurst and Eglinton is really good too.

          Also good, Open Window Bakery and World Class Bakers on St. Clair.

          Oh, and definitely Dutch Dreams on Vaughan for ice cream!

            1. re: acd123

              Yup, apparently. Sad, I really like their food. Check it out:


              1. re: magic

                Just an update: I was in Eastern Twist last night, and was assured that they are not closing. They have updated their signage, installed a TV set, and upped their prices - presumably holding on until the condo across the street is completed and they will have constant customers.

                1. re: TeaGran

                  Great news! I saw they were still open yesterday when I passed by on the streetcar and was wondering what was going on. Thanks for the update.

                  1. re: TeaGran

                    That is outstanding news! Thanks for the info.

                    1. re: magic

                      They told me they'd be closing when I went in Feb, but I went in yesterday and they will wait and see if the new condo will boost business. I really hope so. The butter chicken parantha will be missed. Hopefully the chowhound's who read my post about them closing have helped them stay afloat too.

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                I just had the shawarma at King Falafel. What kind of meat was it? It was delicious, I think it was a combo of chicken thigh and lamb. There was a big line up so I didn't ask. The chicken kebab was delish too.

                1. re: jnine

                  I'm not 100% sure but I think it's a combination of lamb/beef. I'm sure they've told me before but I have a terrible memory. Whatever it is it's almost certainly Halal so the quality is real good. I'm glad you liked the shawarma. When it is fresh it is one of my favourites in the city.

                  I also like the chicken kebabs in pita, yes.

                  I also really like their hamburgers. They are frozen, from a box I'm sure, but they are Halal. They are supertasty inside that pita. Love it.

                  1. re: jnine

                    I was at King Falafel today and I asked what kind of meat they use for the shawarma. It's veal. They said the odd time it's a mix of veal/lamb. Not sure what it was when you went. But there you go.

              3. Just south of St. Clair on Bathurst is a catering and take-out specialty food store called Urban Fare.


                The food is great - entrees, salads, sides - plus they have a tonne of fantastic frozen entrees and soups for take-out. They have dinner and lunch specials that are a deal. The prices are reasonable, and the food is always delicious and interesting.

                Urban Fare Catering
                1415 Bathurst St, Toronto, ON M5R, CA

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                1. re: MeMeMe

                  I agree. I have had some hits and misses with their frozen food but their sandwiches are particularly good -- they sell the best tuna sandwich I have had in the city and for a mere $3.99!

                  1. re: Arcadiaseeker

                    Their chicken soup is heavenly. They also have a great mac and cheese, turkey soup, meatloaves, and interesting salads. Now i want their tofu salad stat!

                    1. re: MeMeMe

                      I've lived in the neighbourhood for a long long time and have never been there. Looks like a good place for a lazy night. I'll check it out when I'm back in town.

                      1. re: acd123

                        me too and I pass by it at least twice a week...I had no idea it had 'take out' I thought it was just 'catering'. Good to hear this and the mostly positive posts...

                        1. re: pearlD

                          They have parking at the side which is a big help.

                2. You must try The Stockyards. Their whole chickens on Tues, Fri Sun are apple hickory smoked and $14 each -- and unbelievable. Best burger in the city I would argue (get the caramelized onions on it), although the burger seems to be better when you eat in and its fresh off the grill. Buttermilk Fried Chicken is a fantastic takeout option too. And of course the brussels sprouts for a little veg ;)