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Feb 15, 2010 08:40 PM

Asia Kitchen in Kirkland

This place replaced Pho Yummy (that I never got to try out) next to the dry cleaners on the lake road in Kirkland.
It's very "unique" and the 2 ladies in there were very friendly and nice.
I tried thier Sticky Rice wrap in lotus leaf for $3.50, which I thought was under-priced.
I thought sticky rice was Thai, but the lady told me it was Chinese. The sticky rice had some kind fo saucy pork sausage that was a bit sweet. I liked it alot. I see those lotus leaf wrapped sticky rice in my freezer next to the banana leaf wrapped tamales.
I asked what the "real" name of the sticky rice was, but I could not catch what was said and felt silly after the 2nd time I asked to repeat.
Can anyone tell me the Chinese name of this?
Is Kirkland considered Greater Seattle or Pacific Northwest? :-))

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    That's good eating...personally, I like the triangular zong. More hearty with mung beans, chinese sausage, duck egg, roast pork and sticky rice