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Feb 15, 2010 07:55 PM

Faschnaut Day 2010 Where do you get your faschnauts?

I love to go to Yum Yum in colmar the night before and see the tables with the orders piled high. My dozen box is mostly filled with glazed, but a few cinnamon, powdered and sugar ones as well. As always there was one person there at the counter ignoring the once a year faschnaut goodness and just getting regular ones. I can't wait til midnight! Is it cheating to scarf one down right now? They smell sooo good.

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  1. Never heard of these, and the first Google hit is your post from last year, givemecarbs. So I think that makes you the de facto faschnaut expert of the Internets.

    These are only made once a year? Anyone know if they are available somewhere in the city? I would like to try one.

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    1. re: barryg

      try searching under "fastnacht" and you'll get a lot more hits.
      Its a shame that Beilers Bakery at Reading Terminal is not open today. Its possible they will have them tommorow(Ash Wednesday,) although that would be counter to the dutch tradition

        1. re: barryg

          the potato makes the donuts extra rich. I love glazed donuts anyway but the faschnaut ones send me straight to the moon! I have been able to find faschnauts the day after in my neck of the woods but never at Yum Yum. They are likely already sold out by now. Barryg I've never been called an expert at anything so you made my day! I've never felt more like a chowhound! :)

          1. re: givemecarbs

            this is a day late, but they were served at brauhaus shmitz last night. maybe they'll keep running the special throughout the week?

        2. Merrymead on Valley Forge Road has them but I am not a doughnut girl so I can not tell you whether or not they are any good. I can tell you that their baked goods, in general, are homey and pretty tasty.

          1. Late to the game here, but for folks living in the Phoenixville/Kimberton area, the Kimberton Fire Company makes their famous donuts (think Kimberton Fair in the summer time) once a month. You can order ahead. They are cake donuts, real, delicious. Ladies in the auxiliary must be up at 4 AM making these goodies...cinnamon, powdered sugar, plain. Check for schedule. They make them most months of the year. Next on March 29/30...the price is 5.00/doz.