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Feb 15, 2010 07:53 PM

Solo Dining Options - Weeknight...

Looking for a food centric, friendly atmosphere restaurant/pub with a bar that I can go to solo and not feel out of place, ala Quinns.

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  1. Betty on top of Queen Anne.

    I travel a lot on business and have never really had a problem anywhere dining alone, though.

    1. Sorry, should have been clearer that I'm looking to "Belly up" at the Bar in a Restaurant. I hate sitting in the dining room when I'm dining solo.

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        Betty has a food bar and a bar bar (I thought that was what you meant). Matt's in the Market has a good bar for eating. Le Pichet, ditto. Poppy.

      2. steelhead diner (1st/pine), whose food is delightful wherever you sit, has 2 counters facing the kitchen whose function is like that of a bar; to avoid the emptiness of a big table and to place you within comfortable conversation distance of other single diners.

        Steelhead Diner
        95 Pine Street, Suite 17, Seattle, WA 98101

        1. I really enjoy sitting at the bar at Serafina for dinner. The bartenders are all great with conversation and the regulars regularly engage others for chats. But if you want to sit back and read a novel...they are respectful of that too. They also have a new sister-restaurant Cicchetti, which is located next door.

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            Union, Le Pichet, Brasa, Palace Kitchen, Spur...

          2. Palace Kitchen, Steelhead Diner, Spring Hill, etc