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Feb 15, 2010 06:59 PM

Where can I find Sopa de Lima around Dallas?

It seems everything around DFW is Tex-Mex... No Yucatanean options. Please tell me I'm wrong. I'm sooooo craving a big bowl of sopa de lima. :-)

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  1. We are dominated by Mexicans immigrating from states that border the US border (Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas, Coahula, etc). We rarely see any Mexican eateries offering interior or coastal cuisine. We did have Lito's in Dallas on Jefferson which the owners were from Districto Federal (great mole verde, fresh tortillas and chicharron prensado), La Palapa Veracrzuana in Dallas on Jefferson which the owners were from Veracruz (Red Snapper Veracruz style, Mole Alvaradeno and Chipotle Shrimp), and finally we had Taco Show in Lewisville which they were from Yucatan (I believe they had sopa de lima and cochinita pibil).

    All of them have closed for two maybe three reasons. Lack of support from the natives, crime (they had vagrants and break-ins along Jefferson) and lack of a liquor license and finally lack of support from the foodie or Tex-Mex crowd. You can't blame the owners for not putting their best foot forward as some were featured on Pegasus News and Not a lot of people want to drive for good food anymore.

    I doubt very highly you will be able to find a bowl of sopa de lima. You might try scouring through Fort Worth on the north side would be my suggestion. I don't know of too many people exploring that area but when I have I have come up with some great places.

    1. Please post back if you find it... I haven't been able to :(

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        I would like to find a place for Yucatecan food in DFW area as well.