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Feb 15, 2010 06:31 PM

gluten free bread crumbs ideas

any ideas on gluten free bread crumb substitutes - I was thinking maybe rice or corn chex.

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  1. depends what you need them for - breading? binder for meatballs or meatloaf? gratin topping?

    you can buy GF breadcrumbs now - made with everything from rice to corn to soy. but for other options, this thread that produced a lot of good ideas was recently resurrected:

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      thanks - I am looking for breading in particular.

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        in that case, it's a matter of what you prefer for texture and taste in your breading. anything from crushed GF crackers or cereal - the ones you mentioned, or GF corn flakes or puffed rice - to stale GF bread...i've even had success with things such as dehydrated potato flakes or crushed wasabi peas (make sure they're GF). and as i mentioned before, you can also buy GF bread crumbs.

        plenty of ideas here:

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        Try Rudi's white bread. I find it in my frozen foods section. Would like it better if it was fresh, but... I like it so much better than Udi's because the slices are thinner and when toasted, it tastes almost like white bread toast.

      3. crushed almonds or parmesan cheese with an egg dip method also work. depends what you are breading. flax meal too.

        1. You can also use GF corn chips, potato chips, or vegetable chips. Check out this page for lots of GF breading ideas:

          1. I think rice is gluten free??? You can put it in the blender to make it flour like, it makes a nice crunchy coating that I use for fish.

            Surely, pork rinds are gluten free, plus low carb. I'm sure it sounds gross to some, but it does make a GREAT low carb, gluten free coating for things.

            1. Cassava bread, casabe, and pan de yuca ... are all the same thing, and are all gluten free. These breads are fairly brittle, so making bread crumbs is relatively easy.

              Look for packages which resemble this one in size and shape. I've found that they're exported primarily from the Dominican Republic. -->

              For the uninitated -->