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Feb 15, 2010 06:04 PM

One Day Food Destinations Outside of Toronto

I have one day available to drive out to areas around Toronto for fun and I was wondering if anyone has suggestions about where to? Perhaps to a sugar shack? Something that would keep you entertained for a few hours with some specialty foods... preferably best within 2 hour drive so you could leave in the morning and be back by night.

I just checked and the sap does not start flowing until March.. any spots to check out in mid Feb or should I just wait until March?

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  1. I'll toss out Prince Edward County. Breweries, wineries, and squeaky cheese curds, with some lovely serene Ontario scenery in between. Makes me feel like I'm far from Toronto but home in time to sleep in my own bed. I like to have a taste at Closson Chase to feel fancy, Black River Cheese for the curds, Barley Days for the beer. The pub at the Waring House is pretty good if you're into that sort of thing...otherwise more wine-y meals can be had in Picton.

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      Second for Prince Edward County. Great wineries, cheeses and a wide range of good food options.

      I talked to many of the reps from the local wineries at the Eat Drink and Give event last week - you need to call ahead for many in Winter - but they will open for you.
      Foodie events:

      Last year's food events (which I think has been replaced by the above site

      Kid-friendly "treat" places - cheese, chocolate, sugar shack:


      We're going back for the first weekend in March for a food/wine/art weekend - I will report back.

    2. We're off to Buffalo this Saturday for some shopping and food.

      A good one day thing, if you're really into maple syrup is the Elmira Maple Syrup Festival. You can even take a tour of a maple farm/sugar shack.

      I also have a couple reco's if you're interested in driving all the way to the Detroit area.


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        Just a heads up that we split the discussion of Detroit eats to the Great Lakes board. You can find the thread here:

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          okay, i've gotta ask ... what am i missing? buffalo for food???

          please let me brother lives in NOTL and we go shopping in buffalo a few times a year.


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              hmmm. who knew. i'd gone to buffalo for wings before ... but not the other two you mentioned. thanks! i'll check it out next time i'm there.

        2. Prince Edward County for sure. Google Maple in the County and you'll get a list of all sugar shacks and events. And I'd recommend East and Main in Wellington. Have long been a fan of Harvest in Picton but I ate at East and Main over the weekend and LOVED it. The service was great as was the food.

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            elora - the fish and chip restaurant serves a wicked deep fried pickle.
            buffalo - premier gourmet foods