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Feb 15, 2010 05:59 PM

Round Table pizzas surprising good

For a moving-in day feast, I volunteered to bring pizza and beer. RT got our business by default, since it was the only pizzeria open at lunch time on a weekend in the area. Ordered a Gourmet Veggie and a Wombo Combo. Both were quite delicious! And they were ready at the time promised.

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  1. Oh yeah! Hands down Round Table is awesome and it's perfect for moving in food! My fave is King Arthur Supreme dipped in Blue Cheese.

    1. What neighborhood is this? Amici's seems widely available.
      I do think RT is OK. It's no domino's.

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        Wanted some place in Terra Linda because we didn't what was hooked up in their condo. Tried LoCoco, Gaspare, and Mulberry, but no go. Good old RT saved the day!!

      2. I love the Italian Garlic Supreme at RT.

        1. My favorite chain pizza. I love the Italian Garlic Supreme. Unfortunately there aren't any Round Tables in Houston.

          1. The original comment has been removed