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Feb 15, 2010 04:32 PM

Recommendations for Saturday Brunch and Dinner in Harbor East

We're getting ready to move from DC to Baltimore in the next month or two and are spending Saturday looking at some apartment/condo rentals in Harbor East. We're planning on getting brunch upon arrival there, seeing some places, walking around the neighborhood, and probably grabbing an early dinner and maybe a drink before coming back to DC.

For brunch we prefer breakfast-y (rather than lunch-y) items, although ethnic variations on eggs and other classic brunch are certainly welcome recommendations.

Dinner suggestions that are casual, non-chain, and maybe have a neighborhood feel would be great. Perhaps something like a wine bar or tapas restaurant (again, not a chain though). We really want to get a feel for what living there might be like. I would say entrees in the $10-20 range would be great. And for cuisine we're really not picky, although we always enjoy a fun and trendy atmosphere.

We're certainly up for rec's outside of Harbor East, although certainly want at least one of the meals to be right there in the neighborhood.

Thanks in advance for your recommendations.

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  1. For dinner I'd suggest the Enoteca (bar) side of Cinghiale. Great wine list, and an inexpensive three-course prix fixe menu is available.

    1. blue moon cafe is one of my favorite breakfasts.
      it's on aliceanna st.

      1. Miss Shirleys in the Harbor is just a short walk and would definitely fit the bill for breakfast.