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Feb 15, 2010 03:00 PM

Japanese home style cooking

I would like to try a nice japanese home style cooking, not very expensive. I did look at other posts, but most places are quite pricey. Also, I have been to Omen and I have not been overly impressed.

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  1. what about Chiyono on east 6th st (along Curry Row). A set menu with a bunch of choices and "course" is $20-$30, but you can order dishes separately (mains are about ~$15 I think). I thought the omakase set was pretty good and interesting there.

    Otherwise, I've not been but Cha'An teahouse may have similar food. It is also nearby, on 9th St, I think.

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      Soy is exactly what you are looking for - it's in the lower east side. another great option would be kasadela - but i think soy is way more home-style

    2. Natori, has dinner course sets of grilled half dried fish or fish collar, soup, salad, app, pickles, rice for around 12-16 dollars.

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        I love Natori. Price/quality ratio is great and I like how unpretentious it is there.