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Feb 15, 2010 02:57 PM

Dinner tonite !!Can U recommend restaurant not too far from H.Slocumbe ice cream

group of 6 (4 adults+2 kids @9yrs&11) for dinner.
Somewhere with "flavorful" food (person said "spicy" but I dont' think they mean merely hot) with more neutral options for 1 kid.
Determined to go to Slocumbe for ice cream after so somewhere in neighborhood of Harrison and 24th st.

Any ideas?

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  1. I would recommend Limon Rotisserie, which is about a ten minute walk from Humphry Slocombe. The rotisserie chicken is great and there are lots of interesting side dishes to have. Great value, too.

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      I second Limon Rotisserie. Its a good value for very tasty food. The chicken is mildly spiced enough for kids and there are fried starches aplenty.

    2. El Delfin or Nuevo Fruitlandia are close by.
      El Delfin volcano.

      1. Thanx for your help. Ended up at Heaven's Dog. Pork belly sandwich bites yummy as usual. S&P calamari delicious otherwise, all good but nothing special.

        Were disappointed that H. Slocombe had sold-out more than half their flavors by 8pm.
        Best was black pepper mint chip. Basalmic caramel is interesting but only one or two bites worth.

        Everyone was happy by evenings end. I look forward to trying Limon soon. Sounds great and looked inviting from the street.

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          How did you get from H Slocombe to Heaven's Dog?