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Feb 15, 2010 02:49 PM

Best Artisanal Butter in New England

Any thoughts on who make the best European style butter in New England? Could it be Kate's Homemade Butter made in Maine or Vermont Butter and Cheese Company's European style cultured butter or Cabot 83?

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  1. A search for Plugra Butter at a good price brought out some discussion of that here.

    I'll vote for Vermont Butter & Cheese Creamery--(they have changed their name.) I think their cultured butter is wonderful.


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    1. re: BostonZest

      Me too for VT B&C ... tastes almost like cheese!

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        The Vermont site says " Taking perfection one step further, the Sea Salt Crystal Cultured Butter is a balance of creamy butter with the crunch of Celtic sea salt."

        Crunchy salt? Wassup widdat?

      2. Best I've had was from Animal Farm in Orwell, VT, and you will only find it locally it that area. It's maybe 88% butter fat. European style butter for sure.

        I also came across some at the farm store at Smiling Hill Farm in Maine that was very good. Maybe 3 or 4 miles off 95 in the portland area. It's worth bringing a cooler with you if you go.

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          I thought I remembered reading this and a look at the website confirmed it. Animal Farm supplies Thomas Keller at French Laundry and Per Se..also Barbara Lynch in Boston.

          I think retail distribution is very limited.

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            Interesting, I didn't know that, and you're probably right about limited retail distribution.

            When I got mine it was at their farm in Vermont a few years ago when my daughter and I were touring several cheese farms through out the state of Vermont on a vacation week.

            We stopped by this farm to see if they gave tours which they did not, but were kind enough to show my daughter and I around and sell me a pound of butter.

            To this day it's still the best butter that I've ever tasted in this country.

        2. Found this:

          Long multi-article/review/shopping linked index. I just scanned it; last date I saw was 2008.


          1. I like Kates ... and even did a drive by of the home office last wkd visiting my parents in OOB (its a plain old house in a residential neighborhood... with a Kate's Butter semi parked in the driveway....
            ... but it just strikes me as really good plain plain ol' butter

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              Totally agree with this. It's just straightforward, buttery tasting butter that I use in all my everyday cooking. On some plain, airpopped popcorn, pretty delicious!