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Feb 15, 2010 02:16 PM

Looking for OC Recs

We are heading to the OC the first week of March, staying in Newport Beach. Looking for lunch/dinner recommendations. Local places preferred with outdoor seating. Nothing too fancy, but open to ideas. Looking for places known for food. We are totally open to driving, we'll be doing two days at Disney, and short trips to LA, San Diego, and La Jolla. I've done a preliminary search and would welcome comments:

George's on the Cove, La Jolla
Cafe Alessa or Sabatino's

Thanks in advance!

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  1. we've recently been blessed with our own board here in San Diego (hooray!) so you should really post there for feedback/questions about that portion of the trip. for what it's worth, George's California Modern (that's the name now) in La Jolla is a terrific choice.

    in the meantime, you can find some good Newport-close recommendations in these threads:

    1. The Beachcomber is just okay, but it's nice to hang out on the beach while you wait an hour for breakfast.
      Plum's Cafe is my favorite breakfast/brunch spot.
      Also try The Old Vine Cafe for local/organic goodness.

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        2nd Old Vine Cafe in Costa Mesa; you might want to check out their prix fixe deals. Current OC CH board favourite for b'fast is Break of Dawn in Laguna Hills.

      2. Also, if you're going to be @ Disney, you might try the Chef's Counter @ Napa Rose. | Review: Napa Rose, Anaheim

        1. Sapphire in Laguna would be a great choice for lunch. You could also try Haute Cakes and Plums in Costa Mesa.