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Feb 15, 2010 02:03 PM

King Cakes?

Do any of the bakerie in NO, sell King Cakes year round? Thanks

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  1. there has been an unfortunate tendency to make them for the football season, in team colors orf course. Sometimes the "baby" is a football. It ought to be illegal. I do not know of anyone who makes them year-round but I am sure they are out there. Haydel's makes its cajun kringle out of Xmas season but that is not a case of violating a tradition. King Cakes became morally prhibited at Midnight Tuesday.

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    1. re: hazelhurst

      I think (could be wrong) Haydel's and Gambino's mails them year round, but I'd check first.

      The REAL travesty of justice was when kingcakes morphed into gigantic cinnamon rolls.
      I'm a die hard french king cake, brioche fan....

      Some links you could try:

      hazelhurst, do you ever post on Tom Fitzmorris' forum?

      1. re: Suzy Wong

        Re: query directed to, I don;t..

        I agree as to cinammon rolls It has gotten out-of-hand. We may need something sinmilar to the Po-Boy Preservation idea. It's akin to "ain't dere no more" except it don;'t tast like dat no more or don;thave dat name no more or other signs of meddlesome Imperialism.

        1. re: hazelhurst

          (AH, I see no forum of the "dean" for you)

          Great idea! A Preservation society, for classic king cake I like that very much!

        2. re: Suzy Wong

          I agree about the tri-colored cinnamon rolls. Blah! I love the traditional french king cake. I have to drive about 30-40 minutes but I get them in Houston at Andre's. They are so delicious and you don't go into sugar shock eating it.

          The next item on my list to master making is the galette des rois. It's hard to make that jump being as I can get such good ones for $18 and a drive across town.

          1. re: Suzy Wong

            glad to hear the sentiment. when i first arrived in new orleans i was pretty surprised at the popular king cakes my friends and coworkers touted -- sugary coffee cake. didnt get it. now however i get them at Croissant D'or (french style) or Nola Cake Cafe (brioche).

            where else do you find good, non-diabetes-inducing king cake?

            1. re: kibbles

              Maurice's in Metairie has a french king cake, a pastry (flake) with almond filling.