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Affordable Westside Rehearsal Dinner for 100+

Hello Chowhounds!
I'm looking for an affordable Westside wedding rehearsal dinner location for 100+ people. I'd like to keep the cost around $30-40/person for food and beer/wine. A restaurant buyout is possible if the minimum buyout is less than $5K. The rehearsal dinner would be on a Friday evening from 7-10pm.
Thanks in advance for the suggestions!

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  1. Oh, I also really like Mexican food!

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      Just curious...did you ever find somewhere? I'm in the exact same boat, with a similar love of Mexican food. Tried Lare's but they won't do it...

    2. I think it may be an impossible quest for a couple of reasons:

      First of all, 100 people at a rehearsal dinner? Never heard of feeding that many, are they all in your wedding party?? I thought rehearsal dinners were restricted to wedding party and spouses only, maybe that has changed.

      Most Westside places are not about to give up a lucrative Friday night to give you their entire place, especially at only $30-40 a head. Including alcohol.

      I can't even think of any place that has that much room, in addition to their regular dining room. Anyway, you may want to check out some hotels, which would accomodate your size, but may cost quite a bit more.

      Check out the Luxe or Hotel Angeleno, which has a rooftop restaurant called West, that has pretty nice views. Maybe they can work with you.

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        Luxe definitely has the facilities. Unfortunately, their food leaves a lot to be desired.

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          Really? Too bad, I was there last on a Sunday for an event back in October, and we had to walk by the brunch buffet a couple of times, and it looked awesome......

          Did you have brunch, lunch or dinner?

      2. wow..100+ people for rehearsal dinner? how big is your wedding going to be??
        ya..finding it for a friday night will be tough. you might have to cater..only place i can think of that might fit your needs is the olympic collection....its on olympic and sawtelle. they have several big rooms to rent and they will set it up for you and serve dinner. not sure if the food is any good, but i remember they had tons of options (buffet vs served, etc)

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          I went to an event there recently and the food was surprisingly decent for banquet hall style food. I have no idea what the price point is there, though.

        2. Unfortunately, you're all telling me what I feared would be the case. The only place I've found that fits the bill and can accommodate 100 in a semi-private room is Buca di Beppo in Santa Monica. We don't need to necessarily buyout the restaurant but it's hard not to when you have 100 guests, unless the restaurant has the space.

          Yes, it's a 100+ wedding rehearsal :) We have A LOT of out-of-town guests who should typically be included in the rehearsal dinner to thank them for making the trip. Also, most are immediately family and that's just how we do things. BIG.

          Thanks for the suggestions! We're actually getting married at the Luxe and we'll be having a 100+ person brunch there the day after the wedding so I wanted to do something else for the rehearsal. Thanks again!

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            How was your wedding? Were you happy with the food at the Luxe?

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              Yes, how was the wedding. We are having our wedding at the Luxe too and are trying to figure out a rehearsal dinner spot. What did you end up doing?

            2. The Westside Tavern has a large room in the back that I think is just for parties. You might call and check (I've never seen them seating people in there)


              Many of us on the board love the place.

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                I would call the Beverly Hills Country Club, which is n ot in Beverly Hills, but rather in Cheviot Hills at the corner of Motor and Manning. I had a rehearsal dinner there in a private room a few years ago. The food was good, the room was pleasant and there was no fee for renting the room - if a member reserved it. Call them and see. If that's still the case, see if you know anyone who is a member. They also had an indoor/outdoor room which was great for a warm night.

                Another bet is the hotel at Beverly Dr. and Pico - I don't know what it's called now , but it has a great room on top with fantastic views - perfect for 100 people.

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                  Here's another good idea- Casa Sanchez on Centinela - nice decor, good food and something your out of town guests probably don't find at home - a mariachi band. Since you like Mexican food, it's a must to check out.

                  Also your guest might like some place on the water - typical California vibe - like Tony P's in the Marina. The food is just average, but the setting is cool. Or one of the restauarnts toward Malibu like Moonshadows - great for out of towners.

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                    iirc, starters at casa sanchez run about $8, combination plates about $16, regular entrees run about $20 and higher, and drinks $10-$12 or so. . .
                    before tax and tip

              2. If you don't have to stay on the Westside, how about a Chinatown seafood restaurant? Empress Pavilion for example has large banquet rooms that would easily accomodate you (they often have groups of at least 100 there) & if you don't go @ rush hour, you can get there in 20-30 min from Westside. They should be able to offer a delicious, varied menu for your price range & you can also make a deal w/ them to bring in your own wine, thereby saving more. (I know some on Chowhound are not big fans, but I've always had good seafood dinners & dim sum there; it's not a San Gabriel valley seafood emporium, but it's much more conveniently located & out of town guests might enjoy CHinatown as well)

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                  I would try Duke's in Malibu, El Cholo Santa Monica, Back on Broadway or Back to the Beach in Santa Monica or Gotham on the Promenade. Lares or Don Antonios might also be able to accomodate you.

                2. Just FYI: I was again at Westside Tavern last night (I very much enjoy it) and I checked out the backroom. It seats 100, and it has it's own bar where you can have a bartender. It might be worth your checking out.

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                    westside tavern's starters are about $10
                    their entrees are about $20 or more
                    their drinks are $9
                    dunno what they charge for soft drinks/coffee/desserts

                    when i went there for lunch the other day, we ended up paying more than $40/pp with one glass of wine each. can't imagine how you would swing this place as a dinner and end up UNDER $40/pp.
                    even if most folks just had one drink and a cup of coffee or a diet soda, you'd be way over budget.
                    add tax and tip and you are pretty far over budget

                    1. re: westsidegal

                      I agree, WSG, that their wine prices are high, we split a bottle and it was over $40. But I think OP should give them a call and inform them of her budget. I'm sure they will try to work with her to stay within range. I can't imagine any restaurant in this economy not willing to do that, and turn away a party of 100 people.

                      1. re: Phurstluv

                        I also think they would work with a customer. A carafe of good Cote du Rhone there is 15 dollars, which is not outrageous. And their appetizers are reasonable, very hearty and could be the meal. The flatbreads are large and terrific, for instance. At 30-40 a person, it would be hard to find a place where people can drink a lot. Here, people could get carafes of wine or a really good cocktail and then you could do open bar. Half the people would probably be fine with a good stiff drink... those who want more I doubt would mind paying. I just felt it was worth checking out.

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                          You mean a cash bar. But I agree, and frankly, hosting a rehearsal dinner for that many, I would hope their guests would be happy with those apps - I know I would!!

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                            Phurst, you are right, Cash indeed... I misspoke... or typed!

                    2. re: Tom P

                      Agree with Tom P that you should check with them. They've really been advertising that back room pretty hard which, to me, would indicate they're anxious to fill it and that they might be willing to work with you.