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Feb 15, 2010 01:56 PM

Monday Night Steak - are the options more limited?

Thanks to you guys we're just putting the finishing touches to our itinerary for this up cominglong weekend. Just one night left to choose - a Monday night. In the UK a Monday can be an "off night" as a lot of chefs take their day off on Mondays & Tuesdays.

Ideally we'd like steak. No porterhouse, or rib eye etc as we prefer boneless meat so maybe a strip steak, filet mignon or steak frites/bar steak (what's the difference between the two?) with good crisp thin fries and maybe onion rings if possible.

Currently considering Keens for a strip or Balthazar for steak frites.

Anywhere else we should consider? Must be a casual place, less than $100 all in for two (no apps, dessert or alcohol).

Hopefully this is my last question for you all - and I promise to report back!

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  1. Keens is my favorite - go for it!

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    1. re: stephaniec25

      You'll never get out of a top tier steakhouse (for example Keens) for under $100 all in even if you only order steak and have no sides or drinks (unless you share one steak). The steaks are about $45 each, so once you add tax and tip you'll be over $120 and thats with absolutely nothing else. The steaks are served a la carte (no sides).

      Balthazar would be a good choice based on your parameters. Or if you want to stay at a steakhouse, the hanger steak at BLT Prime is great and is cheaper than the rest of the steaks, maybe $25.

      1. re: ESNY

        I disagree. There is a way to get out of Keens for around $100. We've done it in the past by sharing everything: Caesar salad, filet mignon, two sides, and the Coffee Cantata. That figure also included a glass of wine for my husband. Unless you have a gargantuan appetite, all the portions, including the steak, are more than adequate for sharing. (Sides are always shared anyway.) In addition, there is the bowl of crudité with blue cheese dip and very good rolls to help fill you up.

        There is never an off-night at Keens, which is open every day. The food is always delicious, service never fails to be excellent, and the Old NY ambiance is unmatchable.

        During our most recent visit, we did not go the $100 route.

        1. re: RGR

          I did add the sharing the steak caveat in my reply. Of course I find it hard to share, especially at Keens. I almost always want mutton while my wife almost always wants a filet. I would never eat the filet and she'd eat the mutton. So we go gluttonous and get our own. She brings home her leftovers and I finish the whole chop!

          1. re: ESNY

            Ah, I now see that you did mention sharing a steak. Since the o.p. wants one that is boneless, there are several on the menu that would work and could be shared for a single charge. The bone-in steaks are for two of more, thus making them very expensive.

            Of course, sharing is only possible when the two people are happy having the same thing.

    2. I LOVE the Strip Steak at Strip House, and yes they are open Mondays.

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      1. re: filmbomb

        we're happy to share - coming from the UK we find the portions are so big too.

        how about a good steak frites for us to consider? RGR i notice you or a friend of yours had the bar steak in Balthazar - is that worth a try?

          1. re: kansel

            DBGB serves a good steak frites and the beer list there is exceptional.

            1. re: kansel


              Three of us, including me, had the bar steak at Balthazar. It was quite tasty. However, when I have steak in a French bistro or brasserie, I prefer it to be a hanger steak. We haven't been to Park Avenue Bistro is quite some time, but their hanger steak has always been excellent. It's one of the main course choices on their $29 3-course prix fixe.


              P.S. If you do go to Balthazar, the profiteroles are not to be missed!

              1. re: RGR

                Thanks RGR, I don't believe we have hanger steak in the UK. We have rump steak or sirloin - maybe hanger is a different name for the same thing?

                1. re: kansel

                  Hanger steak should be very common. It's known as "onglet" in French, and I believe it's referred to as skirt in the UK. Skirt steak in the US actually refers to a separate cut, the "bavette d'aloyau." US and UK butchers seem to like being different.

          2. Bar Steak at Raoul's for $24.

            1. What about Le Relais de Venise? The only thing they serve is steak frites, so it better be good! I havent been there so maybe others will chime in, and I also dont know if it's a boneless cut. One thing I do know is it's $24.00 prix fixe, well within your budget. There's one in London too (if that's where you are). Check it out before you leave, Kansel ;-)


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