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Feb 15, 2010 01:42 PM

need dinner help; few ingredients on hand

here's a challenge for my fellow 'hounds: I can't bear going to the supermarket and didn't get out to my good food suppliers. So the cupboard is nearly bare.
i have: pasta, couscous, frozen chicken stock, canned beans galore, heavy cream, frozen shrimp, no canned tomatoes, garlic, lentils. What to cook??

My oven wasn't working after it was all in disarray after being painted (mexican colors!) But I've been a laggard in getting back in the saddle, er. back in the kitchen! Please hlep! TIA

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  1. You have pasta, shrimp & cream...with a few seasonings and a sprinkle of parmesan or other grated cheese, you'll have alfredo.

      1. Weeeelllll.... assuming you have olive oil, salt & pepper, dry herbs such as oregano & basil....
        I'd make a pasta dish using the EVOO, chopped garlic, canned beans (cannellini, chickpeas or whichever you like best), S & P and the dry herbs. Use some pasta water and stock to create a sauce with the other ingredients I mentioned. If you have hard cheese in the fridge, grate some over top... and if you also have parsley in the fridge mince and garnish each dish.

        OTOH: the same ingredients can be used to make a soup utilizing that stock. Not knowing what pasta you have, use a cut style, or break up linguine or spaghetti, for example.

        1. What did you end up making?