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Feb 15, 2010 01:20 PM

Nashville: Kurdish food + lattes

I'm honeymooning at the end of Feb. in Nashville/Memphis + have most meals staked out. But I'm looking for leads on any Kurdish restaurants - possibly Al-Rasoul is a resto/grocery? And ordering tips. I'm from Toronto + absolutely can't live without my local "espresso bar" (some place that's independently owned, makes espresso-based drinks, tops them with latte art - as a sign of their commitment to their craft - doesn't serve food except a few baked goods)> Thanks

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  1. Can't answer the Kurdish question. Coffee places here DO serve food, so if you are intent on coffee-and-cookie-only places, there ain't none. Probably closest to what you are looking for is Crema. I also like Fido, but they serve full meals as well as snacks and are too busy to do "latte art." They are just as "committed" to making a good cuppa as those who make doodles in the foam. Fido is part of Bongo Java, which is a roaster.

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      Al-Rasoul has a very small restaurant in the back. You’ll find mostly kabobs etc…

      Dunya Kabob is on Nolensville, I’m not sure if they are Kurdish or Iraqi.

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        Thanks TLF - will head straight to Crema. I see you guys had a Thursday Night Throwdown/Latte Art Competition in May @ Ugly Mugs - not sure if it was a one-off or a regular thing but hopefully U.M makes a good coffee, too. And thanks Pete K - will do Al-Rasoul and Dunya Kabob.