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Feb 15, 2010 01:16 PM

Major fire at Mai's in Midtown

Looks like Mai's will be closed for quite awhile. The fire destroyed the 2nd floor with the roof collapsing. It is a shame, whether you liked the restaurant or not. My daughters have been going to Mai's for quite a long time, and introduced me to it a few years back. We even got my DH to try it, which is saying a lot! The pork spring rolls were the best, as was the Bo Luc Lac (?) It was a gathering place for one daughter's birthday celebrations, and her children have cut their teeth there. Mai, the owner, says they will rebuild, but who knows how long that will take. Sort of ironic that it burned the day before another "institution" in Houston, namely Brennan's, is set to re-open. Shouldn't take Mai's as long to rebuild, though. Now, to find another vietnamese restaurant we all like . . .

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  1. Yeah, it is too bad. It was our favorite Vietnamese place. I always enjoyed their chicken or pork bowls and agree with you about the spring rolls. I hope they can rebuild soon.

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      Truly a shame,,,, Mai's has been an institution in Houston for decades.. I just started to get back into enjoying lunches and late nite runs a couple of months back.. I feel for the hard working employees who now find themselves without jobs.

    2. Totally lame! Such a Houston institution... I ate there a couple of weeks ago.

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        Just a querie ... but until they rebuild .... where should we go for pho as good as theirs??

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          Mai's pho is just average, but having access to it very late at night was appealing.

          Pho One and the Pho Binh trailer are my favorites. To name some others, Pho Dung and Pho Tau Bay also serve pho that is far better than Mai's. If you're looking to stay in Midtown I'd try Pho Saigon and Pho Cong Ly.

          1. re: Cheflambo

            Pho Binh on Mangum is highly recommended, and in our neighborhood. Never did have pho at Mai's, but really liked the other food there.

        2. I'm still crying about this... and craving Mai's MORE THAN EVER. They have the best bbq pork springs rolls, their vermicelli dishes are too die for and the pepper steak is SCRUMPTIOUS! Garlic chicken, general tsos, special beef platter.... oh man, I miss it already.