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Feb 15, 2010 12:53 PM

New Thai Restaurants in Sudbury and Wayland

Wondering if anyone has tried the new places that have opened up in Sudbury and Wayland recently? Chili Basil is in Sudbury, near Oishi, where Sweet Pepper used to be and Spice & Pepper (which I assume to be Thai) is right near the intersection of Rt 20 and Rt 27 in Wayland. I used to like Sweet Pepper, but we've never had a stellar Thai spot in the area, so I wanted to see if things were looking up.

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  1. Apparently the new place in Wayland is actually Sweet Pepper. I discovered this when I tried to call the old Sweet Pepper number and received the new number. I haven't tried the new place in Sudbury.

    1. We tried Sweet Pepper when it was in Sudbury a few times, and found it to be pretty good. Spice and Pepper is indeed Sweet Pepper's original owners, the food is equally, if not more, tasty than I remembered from the Sudbury location. We like the garden rolls, the Post Road Mango Curry, and the (old standby) Pad Thai. Definitely worth a try - we need to keep good restaurants in this area!

      1. If you're looking for decent Thai in the area, I like Thai Chili in Maynard better than anything else around. We used to think Sweet Pepper in Sudbury was ok, but thought it went downhill. Depends on what you like, but the pad see you and pad kee mao (or drunken noodles, I don't remember what they call it) are very good at Thai Chili, as is the prikking. Not sure where you're coming from, but it's close for us in N. Sudbury.

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          Yeah, I like Thai Chili and it's owner, Ithapol, is a really nice guy. He also used to own the now-closed Thai Avenue in Sudbury during the 1990's. They do a great Massaman Curry at Thai Chili, as well as really nice crispy Thai rolls. He also serves everyone a cup of a complimentary soup at lunch which he calls SOS or Same Old Soup, but is actually a tangy chicken and cilantro noodle soup which I have never found anywhere else.

        2. My husband and I tried Spice & Pepper (Wayland) for lunch today, and we are very excited to have such a great Thai restaurant right in Wayland! We started with the Garden Rolls, which were tightly wrapped, very fresh-tasting with nice crisp lettuce and thai basil, and did not easily fall apart. My husband had a bowl of the hot and sour soup, which was labeled with 2 stars for "hot and spicy," but I did not find it to be spicy at all (and I am not a spicy food eater). It was delicious, with the perfect pungeant aroma, and nice fresh mushroom slices and medium-sized shrimp. For the entree, my husband ordered the seafood salad, which was a hot dish with big juicy scallops, shrimp and squid in a red peppery sauce with mixed greens on the side. He is a great lover of Thai food, and has had this dish in many different restaurants, but said this was one of the best he's ever had because of the freshness of the seafood and how well it was cooked. For example, the scallops still had some translucency in the middle. The only drawback was he said it wasn't as spicy as he usually likes it. I ordered the chicken lemongrass, which was 3 pieces of pounded grilled chicken with a thai basil chiffonade on top. It was served on top of very thin vermicelli noodles, and with a side of salad and 2 crispy rolls with a sweet chili dipping sauce. The chicken had a wonderful subtle lemongrass flavor that was only apparent after it was in my mouth a few seconds, and the texture was perfectly moist. Absolutely superb.

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            Sorry if I'm being a bit dense, but I'm not sure which restaurant you're referring to. Is it Chili Basil, Spice and Pepper or Thai Chili?


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              sorry -- I was writing about Spice & Pepper.

          2. We've been to Chili Basil in Sudbury twice now - very good; better than the Thai restaurant it replaced. The entrees we've tried have all been fresh and tasty, and spicy actually means spicy! Nicer ambience too. The apps are probably the low point; your basic fried rice wrappers with various contents. Good but nothing special. Chicken Gaprow (minced chicken w/chiles & Thai basil) is a favorite, as is the Duck Basil. Excellent Pad Thai. A nice lunch choice too.

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              I can't even remember the name because they all sound the same but the place in Sudbury next to Oishii II is pretty good, similar in quality, price and ambiance to say, Tamarind House in Cambridge.

              Exceptional Thai is pretty darn hard to find IMO, but I am going to try a few places in Lowell this summer.

              Tamarind House
              1790 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02140