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Feb 15, 2010 12:35 PM

Staying in Kure Beach, NC. Rec's for Carolina Beach or Wilmington, please?

We're making the annural trip to the beach for the fourth and rather than the trusty Outer Banks of old (Kill Devil Hills) we're heading to Kure Beach this time. I've been out that way for day trips, packed a lovely lunch for the beach, and remember only one decent place that served a good plain pizza on the left shortly after you drive away from Fort Fisher.

This time we'll be there for a week in a house and I'm thinking we'll want to head out once a day for a change of scenery. ANYTHING good is game: hole in the wall, ice cream stand, pizza joint, taco truck, seafood shack, or fine dine. I'm hoping for a mix of wander-in-off-the-beach kinda places as well as a few in Wilmington that require a body to scrub the sand out and put on something pretty.

Would also love to know about places to get groceries. Is there a co-op? Farmers Markets? Anything?

Thanks for any and all thoughts.


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  1. I have been pleasantly surprised by several recent visits to Carolina Beach. The Gulfstream Restaurant is a great find, although a bit quirky. Its a diner-type place, with little atmosphere and does not serve alcohol. It also closes at 8:30 PM and is cash only. The standard menu is, well, standard, BUT they have nightly specials of fresh, local fish that come right off the charter boats moored across the street. I had a delicous king mackeral, super fresh, broiled with a little butter and lemon juice. Fantastic! And the sides are homecooked veggies...lima beans, fried okra, green beans, mashed potatoes, etc. And its so inexpensive I couldn't believe it...less than $9.00 for my king mackeral, 2 large side items and bread. I almost felt guilty paying so little. Like I said, its not fancy, but it is good.

    We also went to Shuckin' Shack, and had a great experience there too. The peel your own shrimp were great...perfectly cooked and spiced with Old Bay. The service wasn't perfect, but it wasn't bad, and they were very busy. I certainly wouldn't hesitate to go there again at all.

    A great place for a drink and a decent app or lunch is the tiki bar at the Ocean Grill. The tiki bar is out on the remains of a fishing pier that one of the hurricanes partially destroyed. Great place to sit and watch the ocean, the beach and hear some live music.

    Oh, and don't forget to hit Britt's Doughnuts...there sort of a cross between Krispy Kreme doughnuts and beignets from Cafe du Monde in New Orleans...and better than both!

    I reccomend doing a are a few posts that you'll find

    1. I aven't been there in years, but we were able to but fresh shrimp (with or without heads) right off the boat for ridiculously low prices. For other groceries, head inland. That's a plus about having a city nearby -- you don't have to rely on the usual month-old produce. I defer to others as to farmers markets.

      1. The Old Pier House Restaurant right at Kure Beach Pier is my choice. Great Calabash style seafood..

        1. Wilmington
          I'm not an expert but we really liked Catch. It is a BYOB wine and the food was seafood with Asian fusion plus some good fried fish. Circa 1922 was also good with a little more atmosphere. Indochine has gobs of atmosphere and decent food.
          Kure Beach
          Freddies had a really good basalmic pork chop. Jack Mackerals is actually decent.

          I agree that the Tiki Bar is fun to sit on a pier and get drinks and burgers.

          1. Definitely don't miss Britt's on the'll need 6 per person...for