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Feb 15, 2010 12:31 PM

Need Denver Burger Recommendations

Hello Denver chowhounders... i'm based in LA but will be in Denver later this week. I'm a big burger lover and would love any and all recommendations that you locals might have for me for good, reasonably priced burgers in the downtown area. though i am a fan of the so-called "gourmet burgers" (re: expensive), for this trip i'm more interested in the diner or pub style offerings that are in the less than $10 category.

any suggestions/recommendations are most welcomed. thanks in advance.

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  1. I'm fond of the burgers at Sam's diner. For some reason, My Brother's Bar has a reputation of having good burgers, but I was just there last weekend for the first time and was majorly underwhelmed.

    1. Park Burger
      Regrettably, there are no other burger joints that rhyme with these
      H Burger just opened
      Not sure if Deluxe Burger will make it open by the time you're here or not (supposed to be this week per their Twitter feed)
      You'll have to go to Boulder or Edwards for Larkburger 'cause I don't think the Denver location is open yet

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        Oddly enough, I just received an e-mail today notifying me that the Denver Larkburger will open this Saturday, Feb. 20th in Belleview Promenade (fairly close to I-25 in the DTC).

      2. Good burgers at Cherry Cricket and Bull & Bush. Both do a mean blue cheese and bacon burger or smothered with green, as you like it. Cricket has a very large bottled beer selection; B&B brews on premises and has growlers and a Dixieland band on Sunday nights. Under 10 bucks well spent.

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        1. re: huckfinn

          I'm not a beef eater but I can second Cherry Cricket for their other "burger' offerings. YUM!

          1. re: huckfinn

            I've been dying for a great burger in Denver and with all the hoopla behind Cherry Cricket I was hoping they would be out of this world. Sadly, the burgers are so so. I think we can do a lot better.
            Plus, I don't like the a la carte style of this place.
            If you like experimentation with your burger and seeing how cream cheese might taste with your meat then I say go for it. Otherwise I don't think we should be heralding this place just yet.

            Cherry Cricket
            2641 E 2nd Ave, Denver, CO 80206

            1. re: karpman

              If we're expanding the query to Cherry Creek I think the best burger there (excluding Elway's etc per OP's <$10price constraint) is the Cheeseburger Deluxe at Zaidy's Deli on 1st Avenue between Steele and Adams. Yeah, I know--a Jewish (though non-kosher, obviously) deli. They are thick, not too tightly formed, good quality meat, well seasoned, and the cooks know what "Medium Rare" means. The roll is good too, and the fries range from excellent to abysmal depending, I think, on whether they are busy, super busy, or totally in the weeds. Usually they are merely busy or super busy, and the fries are excellent or good. I believe the cheeseburger and fries is $8.95 though to be honest I usually get the blue bacon burger--truly a non-kosher Jewish deli!-which I think runs $9,50.

              I say this having eaten hundreds of Little Cricket Burgers, and obviously being quite fond of them.

              To me, and in my extremely idiosyncratic and personal opinion, The Cricket also verges on perfect exemplification of the great Yogi Berra line: "Nobody goes there anymore, it's always too crowded."

              1. re: southdenverhoo

                Cool to know about Zaidy's. It's so nice to have that place around.

          2. City Grille is located right next to the Capitol (ie downtown) and touts theirs as the "best". I'm not burger-experienced enough to comment.

            1. The Argyll burger at the Argyll Gastropub is delicious. Ground lamb & beef, harissa ailoi and potato bun. Awesome.