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Feb 15, 2010 11:41 AM

Dinner & breakfast in Seattle this Friday w/teenage grandsons

Arriving Friday at 7:30 on the Victoria Clipper with undoubtedly famished grandsons, 12 & 14. Wallking from there to Warwick Hotel - 401 Lenora St. Where can we eat well without a wait? Also need breakfast recomendation for Saturday morning. Boys will eat anything, but think long waits are lame. Thanks!

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  1. For dinner would suggest Palace Kitchen which is on the corner of 5th Ave and Lenora. Could make reservations at to avoid a wait. The food is good and plentiful so the grandsons would probably enjoy it. Good atmosphere also.

    Will leave others to make breakfast recommendations but a walk to Pike Market and a visit to Le Panier bakery would be good if looking for these type of breakfast items.

    Hope that helps. Kay

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      Palace Kitchen won't do reservations unless you have a party of six, but we'll try it anyway.
      Thinking Pike Place for breakfast. Should we just wander around? Is there someplace to sit if we get food at Le Panier?

    2. your walk will take you past serious pie, tom douglas's excellent pizza place and there are surely no teens who do not crave pizza. for breakfast, le pichet or lola - but, in general, the market is hard to beat especially if you enjoy vertical dining

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        Thanks all for the suggestions! We were a block from Serious Pie and ordered four pizzas to-go, With drinks from Ralph's, we were set for viewing the Olympics from our 11th story room in the Warwick Hotel (with a dynamite view of the Space Needle). It was "the best pizza" 14 year-old Jonathan had ever had. Next morning was breakfast at Lola's and "the best Eggs Benedict" he had ever had. And I agreed with that after he traded me a bit for one of my "made-to-order doughnuts."