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Feb 15, 2010 11:25 AM

Brew pubs and kids

Hi there,

We are venturing to Seattle for the first time (from Canada) to explore your brewing scene. However, we have a four-month-old. Are your brew pubs, like many in Portland, actually restaurants where we could bring a baby (we are talking lunch and early dinners, like 5 or 6 pm)?

Any recommendations for baby-friendly places that have great beer?


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  1. Some are. Some aren't.
    I know Hale's Ales has a "family" side and a pub side.

    1. My favorite brew pub, the Jolly Roger, has been closed for way too long in an attempt to move to a bigger facility. No kids prior to the move, but here is hoping for a change of heart at the new location. Good food and beer.

      Cannot think of too many places that allow kids. Hales definitely does, but the food is nothing to write home about. Naked city, not a brewery but carries 25+ beers on tap, does food and it is only a little better than Hales.

      1. Elliot Bay Brewing in West Seattle and Burien is an excellent place for good beer, good food and is kid friendly.

        1. I believe that Pike Place Brewery in Pike Place Market and the Elysian on Capitol Hill allow kids in their brewpubs. Not 100% sure but it'd be worth a call to check. Also, we have two McMenamin's pubs in the city (Six Arms on Capitol Hill and McMenamins on Lower Queen Anne) and I've seen families at Six Arms many times. All these places are open for lunch/early dinners.

          I also would recommend Old Town Ale House in Ballard - it is very family friendly, they have a good selection of quality local beer (though they do not brew their own), and they are open at 11:30 daily.

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            A lot pubs allow kids in until a certain time (usually 8 or 9)

            That's the case for a place like Big Time in the U-district, and I believe that's the case for Six Arms.

            1. re: antennastoheaven

              I've brought my year-old daughter to the Elysian Fields at least a half-dozen times over the last year. Never a problem, but they don't have high chairs either - of course she was at an age where it was easy to leave her in the stroller. The Capitol Hill location might have high chairs.

              Pike Brewing does have an all-ages restaurant section, but Elysian has better food and beer for the most part. (Tho I am partial to the Naughty Nellie at Pike.)

              1. re: terrier

                The legal part of the issue has to do with whether there is a separate dining area from the bar. Minors are not allowed in bars, so if there is a visible barier from table seating, it is legal (or owner discretion). I don't know the exact law, but that is how it was explained to me.