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Feb 15, 2010 11:14 AM

Suggestions for a party of 25 in the NE

Are there any nice (non-chain) restaurants in the NE that would be able to accommodate a party of about 25? I have already looked into Moonstruck, but that's the only place I can think of that's both "upscale" and large. I feel like I must be missing something.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. Marconi's is evidently large enough for a party that large, because there was one noisy party there when we ate there a few months ago. Very upscale,quite expensive for the NE, but worth it in terms of quality. *Old Bustleton and New Bustleton corner, more or less. Has liquor licence. Our gripe with it was noise level, but that was due to the large party scheduled the night we were there! Imaginative menu, well executed.

    1. Moonstruck is far and away the best place for you.
      Beautiful setting, excellent service and food, and they are used to serving large groups.
      Plus, they have various sized rooms so you could have a place for yourself.
      And there's a parking lot! It's one of our favorite places.

      I haven't been to Marconi's for a while. I do remember that while the food was good, the service was erratic.

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        Thanks. I love Moonstruck, but they may not have an opening that evening. Perhaps I could convince some people not to come so that we could fit into a smaller space. Wishful thinking.

      2. I have been to both Moonstruck (for private large parties) and Marconi's (just for a few people) and think Moonstruck is the better option unless you get all of Marconi's. There is also a really "old school" place that I've been to - mostly for funeral luncheons but I can't recall it's name....