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Feb 15, 2010 10:31 AM

Looking for the best Paella in and around San Sebastian

My wife and I will be in San Sebastian for a week during the first part of March. We have reservations for Etxebarri and Mugaritz. However, we received a call from Mugaritz this morning to inform us of a kitchen fire they had yesterday that will keep the restaurant closed at least through the period we are there. We were looking forward to dinner there. Oh well, some things can't be helped.

Of course we are looking at doing some serious damage with regards to pinxtos, but what we need more information on is paellas. We were hoping that some knowledgeable gastro-types out there can't point us to some killer paella restaurants. We'll have a car, so mobility is not an issue. We have a few day trips planned, so anything with two hours is doable. Thanks.

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  1. Paella is actually a dish from Valencia not from SS. I didn't see any place offering it when I was in SS. I'm sure some seafood restaurant will offer it.

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      Thanks. That will make it easier. We won't try to taget it. If we find it great.

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        Rice is a major genre for Spain. All the good eateries have interesting arroz dishes, just not paella specifically. I also did not notice any paella there either, but with all the excellent food around, one won't remotely miss it...

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          Excellent food indeed. I know Spaniards whose eyes light up @ the mere mention of S.S.