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Feb 15, 2010 10:25 AM

wine country recs

I'm planning a mid-April trip to San Francisco, and hope to spend 4-5 days north of the city hiking, eating and tasting wines. Initial thoughts are to spend a night or two in Sonoma, and another couple of nights in Healdburg/Russian River area. How do these locations compare with other Napa, Sonoma or Mendocino locales? Any suggestions as to "don't miss" chow destinations? Thanks.

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  1. You would be well advised to do "Search this board" searches for all the towns & areas (Healdsburg, Sonoma, Russian River, Napa, St. Helena, etc.) you are thinking of visiting. You will many of helpful posts already here for you to review.

    I think the general consensus is that wine country in Sonoma County is a little less formal and touristy than much of what you will find in much of Napa County. I would recommend touring Dry Creek Valley, west of Healdsburg. I would also recommend driving the length of Napa Valley (drive the Silverado Trail road) as it is quite scenic.