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Feb 15, 2010 10:09 AM

Has anyone eaten at the Blue Lemon in Westport???


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  1. It's okay, nothing special in my opinion. Very very small place. We've been a couple of times for lunch, maybe once for dinner. Had some pretty good salads for lunch. It's always very empty and the service is a little weird, so we aren't quick to go back. There are so many other better places around these days.

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    1. re: sibeats

      suggestions? also thinking about fillemente tratorria

      1. re: carrierpigeon

        Sorry, Finalmente is also not a favorite of mine. What exactly are you looking for?

        1. re: sibeats

          Just a nice place to meet some friends for a nice meal. I bit upscale would be nice.

          1. re: carrierpigeon

            Acqua in Westport is nice for lunch...very loud for dinner, almost can't hear anything if crowded. We like Paci in Southport very much, upscale Italian. Are you only looking in the Westport area or further? Schoolhouse at Cannondale in Wilton is a favorite as is Harvest Supper in New Canaan.

    2. I've been there twice in the last couple of months, and have enjoyed both visits. I'm especially fond of the wild king salmon entree with gingered spinach, very fresh. It's open on Mondays, a tough night to find a decent restaurant in this area. Prices are reasonable with entrees in the mid-20's for the most part.

      And if you're still a bit unsure, they have a $25 certificate on available for next to nothing with a discount code, good any night of the week with a min. $35 purchase.