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Feb 15, 2010 09:58 AM

M.J Dukes Famous Philly Style Cheesesteaks Opens First Location Wallingford Conn.Route 5

A few weeks ago I noticed a new restaurant called M.J. Dukes which was formerly Donut Delight/Blimple's.

One night my wife and I decided to try them and see if the Cheesesteaks were any good.

Well they were made fresh and tasted great.

I cannot compare this to the famous Philly Steak places in Philadelphia but this was really good.I had Steak with American Cheese and oinions on it . It was a 9 inch but you can order a slider which is half of that .

My wife had the slider with what they call a Cheezewhiz topping and onions.

They have a full menu which includes the Philly Steak Sandwiches ,Hot Dogs that are 10 inch long dogs,Soups and Chili.

For kids they have a Childrens Menu which includes a choice of mac and cheese,Hotdogs,soup or chili kid size.

Next time I will try the 10 in dog with all the toppings.

Prices are reasonable and the people at the counter that take your order are friendly and you can watch your food being cooked aswell.

They said plans are to open a second location in Connecticut where I do not know.

They are open Sunday-Thurday 11:00 AM -9 :00 PM Friday and Saturday 11-10:00 PM and are located at 684 North Colony Road in Wallingford ,Ct which is (Route 5 ).

I give this place a 5 stars for great Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches.

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  1. Thanks for posting this! I will be taking a trip there to check it out!
    I love a good Philly---but sadly have never had one in Philly (some day! a chowhound always has travel dreams that involve food)

    1. 2 of the 3 Yelp reviews appear to be from the owners, so its nice to see a real review. I don't know where you live, but if you are ever in the Bridgeport area, there is a place called Joe's Steaks attached to the front of Home Depot (take out only) that has fantastic steak and cheese (they use fresh portabello mushrooms!) and sausage grinders (and a bunch of other stuff, but I go for the steak & cheese)

      1. I'll hafta give it a looksee...closest landmark?

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                as a transplanted Phillyboy, I am going to have to check this out. Lots of places here in New England come very close to a true Philly cheesesteak (yeah, folks! By the way, it's a "cheesesteak" NOT a "steak and cheese". Lol) but I think the thing that is missing is the bread. It just isn't the same roll. Must be something in the Philadelphia water supply.

        1. I wish I could compare it to a real "philly", but unfortunately I cannot.

          The bread was good and the filling was very tasty--we had an original with grilled onions and cheese whiz and a chicken philly with grilled onion and american cheese. That being said, it was a pretty wimpy sandwich. For $6.95 for a 9", I guess we expected more meat on it. If your'e in the area, I wouldn't hesitate to tell you to try it--nice to see that a good portion of things are made in house and your sandwiches are made to order right in front of you, the place was clean and the staff was friendly. I hope they survive--it is nice to see something different on the chain-heavy Rt. 5.

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          1. re: jquest619

            I agree with jquest. DH and I ate there about a week ago. He ordered the 9' cheese steak with swiss and mushrooms, I ordred the 'slider' chicken with provolone, mushroom onion and peppers. What there was of the meat was very good; however there just wasn't much to the sandwiches. The slider comes on a hard roll. I think if they used the same bread as they do for the regular sandwiches and just cut it smaller (like quizno's does) the portion would be great.

            the fries are EXCELLENT, and the portion was appropriate.

            1. re: justme123

              I haven't been to this place but will be giving it a try since I live in the area. I just wanted to let those people who said they never had a cheesesteak in Philly, know that they aren't missing much of anything. I've had much better cheesesteaks in New England. I've been to both the famous Pats King of Steaks and Geno's and was less than impressed with either. I could make a better cheesesteak. The place in Philly that I would like to try is Tony Luke's their cheesesteaks look amazing.

          2. Hi folks been a while .
            I like M.J. Dukes but for the price they need to load up the samwich with alot more steak then they currently do and keep the price the same .

            If they do that the Philly Steak and Cheese will be filling .
            Thats the only down side .
            Next anyone goes in suggest they put more meat in the Philly steak at the same price.